How to encourage landlords and hoteliers to be more energy efficient

The efficiency of the use of natural resources directly affects the state of the environment in the region. The more water and electricity is used in the world, the more fossil fuel is burned to supply them, which negatively affects…

How ADD Grup ensures high quality of its meters? Incoming control of components and on-premises SMT line

Earlier we have already mentioned that the percentage of defective products among smart meters manufactured by ADD Grup does not exceed an average of 0.1% and this is one of the best indicators on the global market of measuring equipment….

What is a shut off valve and why does a water meter need it?

ADD Grup has been developing smart metering solutions for resources for more than 24 years. Why are we talking about resources in general? Few years ago ADD Grup engineers started to develop ultrasonic smart water meter. In February 2022, the…

Why is electricity cheaper at night than during the day?

As you know, one of the main advantages of using smart meters is the possibility of electricity metering in real time. Why is this important? This question is answered by the Head of the Marketing and Sales Department of ADD Grup Ruslan…

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