Hybrid PLC+RF

ADDAX IMS makes use of different solutions for last mile communications (between Data Concentrator and e-meters).The most spread solutions being based on PLC technologies like PRIME or G3-PLC, there are many use cases for wireless solutions like RF mesh. To get better coverage and combine the advantages of both PLC and RF technologies, a hybrid solution is proposed.

The meters based on Hybrid solution can be accommodated into pure PLC infrastructure and so do Data Concentrators. Backward compatibility definitely has numerous advantages and here are the most important.

Data exchange
Every meter has PLC or RF, or PLC+RF connectivity to other meters. The route is built hop-to-hop, selecting between the best channel. The channel selection is dynamically adjusted based on media status.
After a new e-meter is discovered in the network, the DC application first queries identification and configuration information then starts performing the tasks for data collection.

Improvement of existing index of KPI.
Even though latest PLC technologies are mature enough, in many networks PLC will prove to be a harsh and non-friendly communication environment that requires constant monitoring to keep KPI level high. Due to the hybrid solution and advantages of both PLC and RF communications, the ability to achieve 100% data collection has become a reality. Through targeting specific areas and installing hybrid meters in difficult zones KPI can be moved to the next level.

Adding new smart meters in areas with completed roll-out.
There always appear new consumers or necessity for meter replacement in areas where roll-out is already over. ADD Grup Smart meters based on Hybrid Solution are developed with the interoperability aptitude in order to work with the third-party smart solutions in conditions of network area expansion.

Evasion of sources of noise.
During roll-out companies will face sources of noise in PLC. And if some of them are easy to remove (like replacing non-CE power source or light bulb), there will be other more expensive like water pump, air conditioner, engine etc. Until today only expensive filters were the solution. Now with appearance of Hybrid meters, which are just slightly more expensive than pure PLC meters, avoidance of sources of noise has become an effortless and almost a free of cost task.

Open Standard Solution. G3-PLC and PRIME
Taking into consideration the investments made into development of infrastructure, HES/MDMS, specifications and data models electricity companies will question integration and interoperability of Hybrid Solution with pure PLC. No worries. Nothing changes but addition of a new last mile communication channel.

Proven field experience in deploying a PLC + RF Hybrid solution in harsh grid has allowed comparative analysis of
different communication technologies and deployment on other networks.

Advantages of a hybrid solution

Since large utilities serve different territories, including hard-to-reach and interference areas, it became necessary to create a hybrid solution that would include a combination of PLC and RF systems. Joining 2 systems in one solution gives many advantages, including:

  • Improving the reliability of data collection.
  • High interference immunity.
  • Reducing the cost of operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • High speed data transfer.
  • High security.

Combining all the advantages of PLC and RF systems into one system makes the hybrid solution from ADD GRUP the optimal choice for many purposes. Such a system can help improve the performance, reliability, capacity and scalability of the network, which leads to additional savings during system exploitation.

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