Water overconsumption management

  • 71% of Earth’s surface is made of water, giving the impression that we do not lack this resource. But 97,5% of it is saltwater contained by seas and oceans. Only 2,5% is freshwater of which only 30% is groundwater.
  • 1.1 billion people (18% of the Earth’s population) lack access to clean drinking water.
  • In 2023, Europe experienced its largest drought in 70 years and droughts are expected to be frequent with climate change.
  • By 2050 we expect our water needs to increase by 55% due to population growth and mass consumption, while 80% of freshwater reserves are already being collected yearly.
  • Overconsumption of freshwater causes numerous issues: social inequalities, loss of biodiversity, degradation of ecosystems, contamination of waters…

There is a shortage of life-giving resources all over the world. At the same time, the most paradoxical thing is the fact that next to this there are countless cases of excessive water consumption, careless attitude towards this resource and examples of its theft.

Solution: The ADDRA system allows you to limit water consumption using a control valve that communicates with the water meter via Bluetooth. The valve allows you to dispense a certain amount of water per day, or reduce the flow of water in case of overuse.

How it works: The utility responsible for supplying water determines the maximum amount of consumption per person per day. For example, in Catalonia (Spain), due to the risk of drought, this figure was recently reduced to 160 liters of water per person per day.

Upon reaching this consumption threshold, a watermeter sends a complete closing command to the control valve, thus stopping the water supply for the rest of the day. At 00:00 the next day, the valve automatically opens and a new consumption count begins.

The second method is to limit the flow by partially closing the control valve, for example by 50 or 90% (the closing percentage can be configured).
This leaves it up to the consumer to have the minimum required amount of water for drinking and household needs, but will prohibit filling swimming pools or watering lawns.

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