Water management: three scenarios and one ADDRA solution

Solutions don’t come out of nowhere. All technical solutions for metering of water and energy resources, developed in the laboratories of ADD Grup, were a response to the problems and challenges that the utility market and the end consumer, in particular, pose to meter manufacturers.

All people on the planet are consumers of water. With the development of information technology and Internet of things, more and more people want to rationally consume this vital resource, and also want know how much water is used every day.

The enemy of rational consumption is all kinds of water losses, including leaks, accidents and theft. Today we will look at three possible negative scenarios, in a way or another related to commercial and technical water losses.

For all these negative scenarios ADD Grup offers one single solution – smart ultrasonic water meters ADDRA with the ability to remotely monitor and control consumption. Moreover, managing the ADDRA system is very simple through an application on a smartphone.

Scenario 1: Water leak.

Water leaks can waste water 24 hours a day and cause significant financial losses. Most leaks occur in the bathroom or toilet. The toilet is a common source of undetected leaks. At the same time, hundreds of liters of water can be lost every day.

Solution: If water flows continuously for 24 hours or more, a corresponding symbol will appear on the ADDRA meter screen. Such a signal will help you quickly respond to leaks and stop the water supply using the control valve.

Scenario 2. Pipe burst.

Finding your home flooded, damaged floors and furniture after returning from vacation is not a very bright perspective.

Solution: With the ADDRA system, you can avoid stress and keep your home in order while you are away. An alarm signal in case of a possible pipe break is sent to the central system. At the same time water meter sends a command to the valve to stop the water supply.

Scenario 3. Water resource shortage.

The problem of drought, which is relevant all over the world, has also affected European continent. In times of water shortage, it is very important that all consumers use this important resource rationally.

Solution: The ADDRA system allows you to limit water consumption. Our valve allows you to dispense a certain amount of water per day, or reduce the flow of water in case of overuse.


The ADDRA intelligent water metering system is:

  • Remote collection of current data, alarms and events, scheduled or on demand (via LoRa network every 4 hours, by default).
  • Access to a local mobile application for utility personnel via BLE channel: for remote testing of meter status, reading readings, receiving alarms, etc.)
  • Management of accidents and events. Monitoring emergency situations and attempted thefts (Detection of third-party magnetic field, violation of the integrity of the meter cover, valve)

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