Prepaid water metering

  • Smart-phone application as Consumer Interface
  • STS standard protocol IEC62055-41, 51 compliant
  • 20-digit tokens are generated by a Vending system
  • WMP – water meter and separated shut-off valve
  • WMV – water meter with integrated valve

ADDRA prepaid water metering is based on STS standard. However instead of old-fashioned consumer interface units and smart cards we are offering user friendly smartphone application.  20-digit tokens purchased from a vending station or online are sent by the smartphone to ADDRA meters using Bluetooth Interface (BLE 5.0).  ADDRA smartphone app also alows to receive from the meter alarms, consumption information and credit status.

Alternatively tokens can be sent to the ADDRA meter throug LoraWAN using available communication infrastructure.

Prepayment options are available for:  WMP  (water meter and separated shut-off valve) and WMV  (water meter with integrated valve).


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