Mission and vision


In a world, where energy plays an increasingly important role, and its generation has a visible effect over the environment, the consumption management becomes a vital component not only of Utilities’ business, but also of our day to day life.
ADD GRUP develops and manufactures an advanced metering solution, which offers to Utility companies the levers for an efficient resources management and provides end-consumers the necessary information to motivate responsible consumption. We build our products on a strong foundation: the synergy of our knowledge, our experience and the experience of our customers.


The advanced metering systems are a relatively new product – the solutions present on the market today have not yet reached the stage of technological maturity and there is a large space for development and innovation. In the design of our product, we tend not only to respond to the actual requirements of the market, but also foresee the future needs and problems of our customers. We tend to develop a product which is future proof and is flexible enough to be easily adapted to new requirements and client needs.


The main value of our company lays in the relationships with our partners and customers. We appreciate the common knowledge and experience we receive and invest this value into our developments.

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