Adderra electricity submetering

Adderra submetering solution uses submeters for measurement of electricity with integrated billing and payment platform (prepayment and postpayment mode supported)

Single phase or three phase submeter Adderra is installed in each hotel room or rented property to measure each tenant’s electricity consumption. Our submeters are controlled using a regular smartphone app.

Adderra allows to separate the price for utilities from accommodation fee. So, your tenants will be able to consume only the utilities they have paid for through application. Thus, our service motivates hotel guests and tenants to rationalize their consumption behavior.

Adderra gives you the opportunity to avoid unpaid bills left by tenants. If a tenant does not pay for water and electricity, Adderra will cut off the supply. Therefore, landlords have three options to make tenants pay for the resources: prepayment/postpayment mode or on a preset credit limits mode.


Tenants pay for the utilities after receiving Adderra’s billing at the end of billing period. A tenant connects to the meters via Adderra application and clicks the start service button. The meters activate and start counting the amount of water and electricity a tenant is using. At the end of billing period (which is established on the basis of an agreement between landlords and tenants) the tenant pays the corresponding amount of money throughout application by credit card. This money is transferred to Stripe account of a landlord, after which the landlord transfers the payment to utility supply company.


Tenants pay for the utilities before consumption. In this case, tenants after connecting to the meter pay the amount they are going to consume and only then start using water and electricity. As soon as their credit is over, tenants will receive a notification to top up the credit.

Preset credit limit

Tenants pay for the utilities as they reach the pre-established limits expressed in monetary value or cubic meters and kilowatts. For example, landlord can set a limit for 2 m3 of water and 100 Kwh of electricity. As tenant reaches these limits, they have to pay corresponding amount and then they can continue consuming the utilities.

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