The ADDAX multifunctional meters can be used as household meters, as well as meters for the small motor sector.

The ADDAX system supports up to 1,000,000 meters simultaneously.

The ADDAX system is capable of operating in two modes:

  • Prepayment mode: automatic control of electricity supply to each end consumer based on the prepayment made by them. When the paid consumption is exceeded, the meter automatically turns off in accordance with STS standards
  • Credit mode: automatic metering of electricity consumed by each end consumer followed by summing up individual results for the reporting period

The system supports switching between these two operating modes during the operation of the meter.

Protection against theft of electricity is provided by the following means:

  • Residual current sensor
  • Sensor for removing the meter cover and terminal cover
  • Strong magnetic field sensor
  • Split – solution

Multifunctional meters provide detailed information on consumption, including interval profiles that make it possible to control the quality of the supplied electricity, provide remote disconnection/activation of the load of the consumer and provide data to third parties for settlement with the consumer.

The main advantages of the equipment:

  • Use of modern communication technologies
  • Compatibility, ability to share the ADDAX equipment in third-party systems and use of third-party equipment in the ADDAX system
  • Anti-theft protection with tamper-evident and terminal block sensors, magnetic field sensor, residual current tracking
  • Various meter designs – Classic, Modular, Split – depending on the project
  • Use of open protocols for data transfer
  • Use of a replaceable battery or supercapacitor as backup power
  • Local and remote equipment software updates
  • Ability to transfer data to the center via mobile communication channels or PLC
  • Ability to use additional interfaces (ports) RS-485, BLE, NFC and others

A split system is a division of a multifunctional meter into components: a metering part and a user part (remote display).

This method of separation allows you to install the metering part in hard-to-reach places, thereby making it difficult for theft of electricity or interference with the operation of the meter.

The metering part – a pole meter – is installed on power poles or specially fenced places.

The COSEM software is designed to demonstrate the operation of ADDAX devices.

The program allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Parameterization of meters (configuration)
  • Meter software update
  • Current data reading
  • Interval data reading
  • Event monitoring

The system includes:

  • Single-phase meters
  • Three-phase meters of direct and transformer connection
  • Hubs
  • Remote displays
  • Network filters
  • SIMS software

SIMS is automated metering system for various types of resources (electricity, water, heating, gas) and consumption control.

Basic functions:

  • Network device control
  • Setting configurations (limits on technical parameters, time settings, etc.)
  • Data collection
  • Making regulations for data requests from devices
  • Rate scheme settings
  • Setting schedules for additional relay operation
  • Monitoring of data received from network devices:

– communication statistics

– emergencies

– detailed consumption data

The system uses the technologies:

  • PRIME (CENELEC A and FCC bands)
  • G3-PLC (CENELEC A and FCC bands)


Basic advantages:

  • Full 2-way communication
  • Compliance with international standards and standard protocols
  • Retransmission of system equipment signals
  • Automatic detection and registration of equipment

This is a modern automated system for remote metering and control of the consumption of various types of resources (electricity, water, heating, gas).

The system consists of three levels.

Upper level: collection, storage and processing of data and some data management elements (MDMS).

Middle level: equipment for providing data exchange with metering points.

Lower level: subscriber equipment installed directly at metering and control points.

The system supports a wide range of services: metering by time and load profile, load control, demand management, imbalance control, operation in a prepaid and credit mode.

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