• Control of the integrated or separate water valve (partial or full shut-off)
  • Notification about the presence or absence of water in the system
  • Water consumption volume monitoring
  • Water flow velocity monitoring
  • Water leak warning
  • Pipe burst warning
  • Backflow warning
  • Magnetic field detection warning
  • Warning on an attempt to hack the meter
  • Low battery warning
  • Application firmware status monitoring
  • Valve status monitoring

The Addra smart water meter with a separate or integrated valve is controlled using a mobile application on a regular smartphone. You connect via Bluetooth to the water meter and control it. The meter, in turn, controls the shut-off valve via Bluetooth.

You can open the shut-off valve by 10, 50, or 100 percent.

This technical solution from ADD Grup does not require any additional equipment. The process of communication with a smart meter takes place using a regular smartphone, which almost every water consumer currently has. All you need to do is install a special application on your smartphone and manage your consumption using Bluetooth.

What are the advantages of this solution from ADD Grup?

  1. Versatility and ease of use. According to statistics, more than 90% of consumers use personal smartphones in their lives, which makes water metering management convenient to use.
  2. Safety. This technology does not imply any physical contact with the meter, which means it makes it possible to avoid unauthorized access to high-precision equipment.
  3. Efficiency. This scheme of work allows consumers to receive information about their water costs in the shortest possible time.
  4. No additional costs. Typically, the cost of water metering monitoring is borne by the utilities companies and is included in the consumer bill. Smartphones help you avoid additional costs.
Ultrasonic water meter

The ADD Grup ultrasonic water meter is designed for household water consumption measurement. The installation of this device is quick and simple, and it is known for its high reliability and accuracy. The advantage of this equipment is that it has no moving parts, which means that the ADDRA water meter requires no maintenance, maintains measurement accuracy, and does not need recalibration throughout its service life.

This water meter has a low starting flow, only 1 liter per hour, and it automatically records water consumption data, ensuring reliable data storage. The user-friendly LCD display shows information about the total water usage, alerts to potential leaks, backflows, and provides other useful information.

Furthermore, ADDRA is equipped with various communication interfaces for local access via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, for communication with a valve, and communication channels for remote access, making it an economically advantageous solution. It also complies with international quality and safety standards.

Our water meter supports credit/prepaid operation modes, with prepaid functionality based on the STS standard. For prepaid functionality, it is necessary to separately purchase the ADDRA valve, which interacts with the meter through a BLE interface.

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