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  • We design and manufacture benchmarking smart metering solutions
  • High-tech company with more than 28 years of success worldwide
  • More than 7 000 000 smart meters installed worldwide
  • Projects in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • Member of PRIME Alliance, G3-PLC Alliance, DLMS UA, Wi-SUN Alliance and STS Association
We help you to prevent electricity theft.
No theft increases your income.
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NFC Based Solution
ADDAX advanced prepayment solution offers a new approach to interaction between distribution system operators and electricity consumers.
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Prevention of electricity theft

ADD Grup implemented a new approach to tackling illegal consumption of electrical energy taking into account the factor of social responsibility. Check out this video from Tatabanya, one of the cities in Hungary that was most affected by energy theft, to find out how this problem was solved.

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