Stand-alone prepayment solution

ADDAX advanced prepayment solution offers a new approach to interaction between distribution system operators and electricity consumers.

The new type of products is based on fully autonomous prepayment system with simultaneous supporting the principles of:

  1. Strong protection from theft and unauthorized access
  2. Capability of withstanding severe operating conditions
  3. Proved and secure communication channels for data exchange.

Prepayment system is a part of SIMS Data Collection system and is handled based on access rights policy.

Prepayment system uses NFC-based* smart card for secure transactions and data storage of metering and other related information. Stored data is encrypted using AES128 algorithm and digitally signed.



Near Field Communication (often shortened to NFC) is the name for a standard that uses radio communication technology to send data over short distances. Usually, the distance covered is in the order of four centimeters. The standard is mostly used for micropayment systems. Another common use is to store tickets, such as those used for trains and buses on a re-usable smartcard.

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