ADDRA smart water meters have been re-certified according to MID. What has changed in water meters made by ADD Grup?

On March 22, 2024, the Czech Metrology Institute reissued the certificate for ADDRA ultrasonic water meter in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament for measurement instruments.

Let us recall that the first version of the MID certificate was issued to ADD Grup by the Czech Metrology Institute two years ago, in February 2022.

However, since then, the Moldovan manufacturer has significantly improved some of the most important characteristics of its ADDRA water meter, namely:

  • Improved water meter sensitivity – from 2 liters per hour to 1 liter per hour.
  • Increased water flow range within which the meter provides accurate readings – from R400 to R800-1600.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these two characteristics: what do they provide and why are they needed for end consumers and utility companies supplying water to our homes and apartments?

The sensitivity of the meter at the starting flow is perhaps the most important indicator in the field of intelligent water metering. If previously the ultrasonic water meter ADDRA could record consumption data starting from 2 liters of water per hour, now it provides correct readings even if the water flow is minimal – 1 liter per hour.

Why is this needed? Firstly, improved sensitivity means that the ADDRA water meter is able to detect even minimal water leaks that conventional meters would not recognize as emergency situations. Suppose you go on vacation and water is dripping from the toilet tank in your house. Only highly sensitive water meters, such as ADDRA, can handle such a task: they will detect the leak, transmit this information to the utility supplier, and, if necessary, close the shut off valve themselves.

Secondly, the sensitivity of the meter at the starting flow allows utility companies to effectively combat water theft. It’s no secret that some consumers used to steal water in small volumes by running a small stream from the tap, which ordinary meters could not detect. Now, if you have an ultrasonic water meter ADDRA, such a scheme won’t work.

As for the second indicator R – the water flow range within which the meter provides accurate readings, here ADD Grup is one of the leaders in the global market of measuring equipment. Few competitors can boast having the R value within the range of 800-1600.

Brief background: What does the R coefficient mean for a water meter?

R is a parameter that determines the measurement range of the water meter. It is expressed as the ratio of the maximum flow rate Q3 (the flow rate at which the water meter operates correctly) to the minimum flow rate Q1 (the flow rate at which the readings are within acceptable tolerances).

The higher the value of the R coefficient, the larger the range within which the water meter measures the volume of water flowing through it. Increasing the R coefficient can be achieved by increasing Q3 or by decreasing Q1. The lower the Q1, the higher the sensitivity of the water meter.

What’s the bottom line?

Based on the internal test results ADD Grup has decided to submit a re-application for MID certification of its ADDRA water meter to the Czech Metrology Institute. And it successfully passed this test, once again demonstrating its leadership ambitions in the field of intelligent metering!

The MID certificate is valid until 2032.

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