Three phase pole-mounted meter

  • Active energy, accuracy class B, export and import
  • Reactive energy, accuracy class 2, 4 quadrants
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Up to 6 tariff registers, up to 24 changeovers per day
  • Built-in basic relays (80/100A)
  • Up to 2 built-in extra relays (2 or 5A) for load control
  • Energy quality control & monitoring
  • Terminal box and meter case opening sensors
  • Strong external magnetic field sensor
  • Standard data model, open protocols
  • Universal Hardware Platform supporting OFDM based technologies: PRIME 1.3.6, PRIME 1.4, G3-PLC
  • USB, wM-BUS, RS-485 interfaces
  • Calculation of total harmonic distortion factor
  • High-level security
  • 2G/3G/4G support
  • Prepayment & credit operational modes
  • Backup power supply
  • IP 65 protection against water and dust
Fully integrated prepayment solution
The Technical Company for Electric Engineering (TCEE), a Palestine-based pioneer in prepaid electric and water meters, provided a solution for the collection of overdue and accumulated debts from users in a mutually agreeable manner. The ...
Stand-alone prepayment solution
Prepayment system is a part of SIMS Data Collection system and is handled based on access rights policy. Prepayment system uses NFC-based* smart card for secure transactions and data storage of metering and other related information. Stored data ...
ADD Grup together with Eximprod Power Systems began deliveries under a contract for 620 000 smart meters for Distributie Energie Oltenia (DEO) in Craiova, Romania.
ADD Grup together with Eximprod Power Systems won the tender for 620 000 smart meters due to the best ratio of pricing policy and excellent proven quality. The project includes 550 000 single-phase smart meters, 67 000 three-phase smart meters...
6000 smart meters with Hybrid solution for Palestine
The partner of Add Grup in Palestine TCEE signed new contract in order to deliver 6 000 smart meters with Hybrid solution for Biet Ummar Municipality. TCEE decided to create completely autonomous platform with auto- billing, which earlier was ...
ADD GRUP together with its partners Intrarom S.A. and Adrem SRL successfully finalizes the contract for delivery and deployment of 10 000 ADDAX smart meters to Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), Romania
As of 18th of August 2020 Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), (part of CEZ Group) has signed an official acceptance statement covering delivery , installation and integration into HES/MDMS of 10 000 smart single phase and three phase meters ...
Field experience with large G3-PLC Hybrid deployment in a harsh grid in Russia.
The evolution from stand-alone PLC to Hybrid PLC & RF was inspired by requests and requirements of several Russian energy distributors striving for a robust and reliable communication infrastructure. Proprietary implementations by different ...
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