ADD GRUP together with its partners Intrarom S.A. and Adrem SRL successfully finalizes the contract for delivery and deployment of 10 000 ADDAX smart meters to Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), Romania

As of 18th of August 2020 Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), (part of CEZ Group) has signed an official acceptance statement covering delivery , installation and integration into HES/MDMS of 10 000 smart single phase and three phase meters installed in Romania country, Craiova municipality in 2020.

This project financed by European funds is a part of general DEO strategy to modernize electricity network with the following ultimate goals:

  • Technical improvements of the grid
  • Reduction of technical and commercial losses
  • Improvement of SAIDI and SAIFI indices
  • Increase of network capacity to connect new consumers and satisfy a growing demand from the existing consumers
  • Assurance of power quality
  • Reduction of grid maintenance costs

The tasks set forward for the project are as follows:

  1. Installation of modern AMI solution that includes smart metering and DCU
  2. Integration into upper level software to enable DEO have in place a single universal system for monitoring, management and data collection for all DEO customers
  3. Set up of basic principles for future seamless integration of new devices (Data Model, Meter interfaces etc)

As in many other projects delivered by ADD GRUP, the meters are based on PRIME 1.3.6, technology that proved its performance and reliability in millions of deployed meters worldwide. The project has been accepted right after the system exceeded 98% communication success rate and 100% meter registration being one of mandatory requirements in the project. DEO continues clean-up works in order to further improve system performance.

This is the second project that ADD GRUP and Intrarom deliver to DEO. The first one was deployed in 2017 and served as proof of concept for DEO to understand the technology and choose the right direction of smart metering strategy. Results of the project are an excellent evidence of the fact that decisions were correct and well-thought.

DEO is a part of CEZ Group and operates on Romanian market since 2005 supplying electricity to 1.449.939 clients in 7 districts from Oltenia region. Company mission to provide electricity distribution in conditions of security and safety of electrical installations and to assure the required power quality at the same time reducing the maintenance and network repairs costs.

About Intrarom
Intrarom, a subsidiary of Intracom Telecom, has constantly consolidated its position as major vendor on the Romanian Telecommunications Market. The company employs 275 professionals on an industrial area of 33,000 sq.m. Sustained by a solid infrastructure of a 24 million euros investment, Intrarom’s experience covers the following lines of business: turn-key solutions for telcos, integrated IT&C solutions for Public Sector, tailor-made applications for enterprise, utilities and banking sector, multi-vendor support and field maintenance, and telecommunication systems manufacturing. For more information, please visit

About Adrem
Adrem captures the essence of three Romanian energy companies, oriented towards innovation: Adrem Engineering, Adrem Invest and Adrem Link. Together, the three companies provide products, services and solutions for the energy industry: complete solutions for the energy infrastructure, from complex general contracting to in-house equipment developing (Adrem Engineering); to services such as smart metering, management of electricity meter groups, electric infrastructure maintenance and power distribution network operation (Adrem Invest); and electricity meter reading, solutions for energy efficiency, visibility & information, operational optimization, automation and control, as well as smart home products

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