The Power of Digital Water: Enhancing Efficiency in Water Management

Digital water is a common description, referring to the application of digital technologies to water management processes. These technologies leverage sensors, data analytics, and real-time monitoring to optimize water distribution systems, detect leaks, and improve overall efficiency. By collecting and analyzing data in real-time, digital water solutions provide valuable insights that enable proactive decision-making and cost-effective management of water resources.

Smart Metering as a core concept that revolutionizes water management

Smart metering is one of digital technologies that is making waves in water management. By revolutionizing the monitoring and management of water consumption, smart metering is transforming the way we interact with our water resources.
Smart water metering utilizes advanced technology to track and monitor water usage in a real-time mode. Unlike traditional water meters, smart meters are equipped with sensors that automatically collect and transmit data to a central system, eliminating manual readings and inaccuracies. This data can be accessed by consumers and utility companies, enabling better decision-making and proactive water resource management.

Smart ADDRA water metering

The concept of Addra ultrasonic water meter is integration of all existing smart water metering options in one device:

  • Integrated shut-off valve

    The state-of-the-art ultrasonic water meter with a built-in shut-off valve is a sophisticated device engineered to deliver precise water consumption measurements and remote water flow control capabilities. Using ultrasonic technology, this advanced system accurately tracks water usage, leading to precise billing and effective resource management. The inclusion of a shut-off valve allows users to remotely manage water access, making it a valuable tool for property owners looking to monitor and regulate water usage efficiently.

  • Automatic leak detection

    Addra ultrasonic water meter with a shut-off valve is revolutionizing the process of leak detection. With its state-of-the-art technology, pinpoint accuracy and sensitivity of 1 liter / hour, this device swiftly identifies even the smallest leaks and takes immediate action by stopping the water flow, preventing costly damage and waste.

  • Water management

    Proper water management is essential for the upkeep of a sustainable water system. A game-changing solution for leak detection and control is the ultrasonic water meter with shut-off valve. This cutting-edge device not only accurately monitors water usage but also has the capability to stop water flow in the event of a leak, reducing the risk of damage and promoting water conservation. By harnessing the power of technology such as ultrasonic meters, both utility companies and consumers can take proactive measures to tackle leaks and minimize water wastage, ultimately leading to a more effective and sustainable water management system.

  • Smartphone-to-meter

    What sets this ultrasonic water meter apart is its innovative smartphone-to-meter feature, which enables users to easily access and manage their water consumption data directly from their smartphones. This seamless connectivity promotes efficiency and control over water usage, making it the preferred choice for professionals in need of dependable and convenient water metering solutions.

  • Integration with Smart Home

    The state-of-the-art ultrasonic water meter is utilized for precise water usage measurements, offering a sophisticated solution for monitoring water consumption with accuracy and efficiency. When integrated with smart home systems, users can remotely monitor their water usage, set alerts for unusual consumption patterns, and automate water management tasks for added convenience and sustainability. This seamless also promotes water conservation and cost-effectiveness by providing real-time data insights and control over water consumption. The ultrasonic water meter, with its advanced features and compatibility with contemporary home automation systems, functions as a dependable and efficient tool for optimizing water usage management in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Long battery life

    The meter is equipped with a battery, guaranteeing 16 years of reliable and uninterrupted operation over an extended period.

  • Cost efficiency

    Utilizing advanced sound wave technology, this tool accurately calculates the flow rate of water while using minimal power. With no moving parts, the Addra ultrasonic water meter requires little maintenance and diminishes the likelihood of wear and tear, resulting in significant long-term cost savings for users. Its exceptional accuracy and durability make it a dependable option for residential and commercial water monitoring requirements, promoting efficient resource management and precise billing.


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