Smart water meters vs leak detectors

Leak detection systems play a vital role in preventing water damage and conserving resources. By promptly identifying leaks, residential users can save money on water bills and avoid expensive repairs. With the evolution of technology, smart water meters and standard leak detectors offer distinct functionalities and features to cater to various needs.

From the technical point of view, smart water meters offer a convenient one-stop solution for overseeing your water usage, spotting leaks, and regulating water flow within your home meanwhile the functionalities of leak detectors are mainly limited to a simple leak notification.

Unlike traditional leak detectors, Addra smart water meters go beyond simply pinpointing leaks by actively working to resolve them.

With smart water meters, users can effortlessly monitor their water usage in real-time and receive notifications for any irregularities, promoting efficient usage and savings.

Additionally, the capability to remotely control water flow through smart water meters with integrated valves that is available with ADDRA provides convenience and oversight over the water consumption, making them a top choice for contemporary households aiming to enhance water efficiency and minimize waste. In contrast, standard leak detectors simply notify users after a leak has already occurred.

Key benefits of Addra smart water meters

  • Automatic leak detection

    smart water meters can detect abnormal spikes in water flow that may indicate a leak.

  • Leakage management

    LEAK alarm (possible water leakage) appears when water flows continuously for more than 24 hours; BURST alarm (possible breakthrough pipe) appears when the water flow is constantly high for more than 30 minutes

  • Remote Monitoring:

    ADDRA smart water meters come with mobile apps that allow users to monitor their water usage remotely, giving them peace of mind outside their homes.

  • Remote shut-off

    That option is available in ADDRA water meters only and distinguishes them from other models. The shut-off option is available in some expensive leak detectors, which are evidently less affordable than smart meters and do not include any water metering features.

  • Integration

    with smart home systems for seamless control.

  • Battery-operated

    for uninterrupted operation while the battery lifetime constitutes up to 16 years.

  • Cost-efficiency:

    the price of ADDRA water meters does not exceed the leak detector value while the functionality set is evidently higher.


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