Last step to mass production of smart water meters

We are pleased to announce that ADD Grup is one step away from completing preparations for mass production of ADDRA Ultrasonic Smart Water Meters.  Thanks to the hard work of our technicians and developers, as well as colleagues from JUSTUR, whose services are based on an integrated process starting from project development up to assembly and implementation at customer’s premises with adjustment to room dispositions and local energy infrastructure including training of staff with provision of warranty and post-warranty service.

Over the course of several weeks, Slovak engineers assembled and configured the test bench for verification of our water meters. The first trial batch, in the amount of 20 pieces, was produced by ADD Grup and successfully tested.

The final step is to send the water smart meter for MID certification, which is scheduled for the current month.

 We left behind many stages and changes that our water meter has undergone to bring a truly ergonomic and accurate water meter product. 

Prepaid water metering
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Shut off valve
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Compact and light weight.
BLE communication with water meter.
In accordance with international standards.
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