Internet of Things: Smart water meter from ADD Grup

As you know, global Internet is more intended for obtaining information – knowledge, communication and entertainment. Internet of things (or IoT) is strictly utilitarian and created to save time and money for the user.

ADD Grup has been developing and mass-producing advanced metering equipment for efficient resource management for last 30 years. The company’s most recent development, the ADDRA smart water meter, is an example of how the IoT manages not only data transmission and analysis, but also allows users to remotely control their equipment. Using a control valve, an ultrasonic water meter from ADD Grup allows you to limit or stop the supply of water to a specific consumer (in case of an accident or non-payment)

How it usually works: when the water meter notices that the water flow does not stop for several hours, it transmits data about the emergency situation. If a responsible person decides to close the water supply, respective request is sent to the control valve and it closes tightly.

At the moment, ADD Grup uses the LoRa communication standard for data transmission and processing – one of the most inexpensive and high-quality solutions on the market. Might be better to use well known standards like Wi-Fi? There is no practical need for this: if you need to transmit information about water consumption, you don’t need a communication channel of 5 Mbps, just few bits are enough.

Do not forget that a water meter cannot be connected to electricity supply network. This means that a battery must be used to power it. Wi-Fi needs too much power to run, even a very high-quality battery can be spent in just few days. We want our customers to use our measuring equipment without interruption for many years to come. LoRa standard is suitable for these purposes like no other.

Summing up, the ADD Grup product is innovative, because it not only informs the user about the problem, but is also able to solve it himself. This procedure does not require involvement of an emergency team or other expenses.

If emergency situations do not repeat too often, the standard battery inside the ADDRA smart water meter will last for 12 years of uninterrupted operation of the device.

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