How to save Venice from drought. ADD Grup solution

According to the British edition of The Guardian, Venice canals start to run dry as low tide and lack of rain hit. Weeks of dry winter weather in 2023 have raised concerns that Italy could face another drought after last summer’s emergency, with the Alps having received less than half of their normal snowfall, according to scientists and environmental groups.

The warning comes as Venice, where flooding is normally the primary concern, faces unusually low tides that are making it impossible for gondolas, water taxis and ambulances to navigate some of its famous canals.

It is important that water problems are felt not only in Venice, but throughout Italy, which again faces the prospect of a global drought. The Po, Italy’s longest river which runs from the Alps in the north-west to the Adriatic has 61% less water than normal at this time of year, it added in a statement.

The problems in Venice are being blamed on a combination of factors – the lack of rain, a high pressure system, a full moon and sea currents.

In July last year, Italy suffered its worst drought for 70 years and declared a state of emergency in the areas surrounding the Po, which accounts for roughly a third of the country’s agricultural production.

One of the most effective solutions is to partially restrict access to water for those who systematically spend too much. Unfortunately, not all consumers understand that during drought it is necessary to stop uncontrollable filling of pools, washing cars and watering lawns.

Nowadays, Italian legislation does not allow consumers to be completely disconnected from water. But the situation is so difficult, that mere increase of tariffs will not significantly reduce overconsumption.

The most effective in this case may be the technical solution offered by ADD Grup, which includes the presence of a shut off valve in addition to the ADDRA smart water meter. The presence of such valve allows utilities to limit the water flow by 50% or even 90%.

As a result, the consumer will have the minimum required amount of water, but will no longer be able to spend it uncontrollably.

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