History of ADD Grup: 6 important milestones

On January 24th, 2023, ADD Grup celebrated its 31st anniversary. In three decades, many industrial victories have been achieved, and hundreds of contracts have been completed for the supply of more than 7 million meters in 33 countries worldwide.

However, we note that during this time ADD Grup has achieved several very important milestones that were of crucial for company growth as a whole.

1998: Start of the development of smart ADDAX electricity meters with two-way communication as a part of ADDAX AMI solution.

ADDAX offers a set of solutions developed by ADD GRUP company for application in the field of modern electricity metering technologies. The system provides functions of data collection and processing, data exchange and some functions of data analysis, as well as supports credit and prepayment modes, load control and possibilities of its limitation, quality control of supplied electricity. It provides compatibility with measuring equipment and related hardware and software components of AMR/AMM/AMI systems of other manufacturers.

2009: Transition to own Surface Mounting Technology for PCBs (SMT) and plastic injection.

Since 2009, ADD Grup has introduced a full electricity meter manufaturing cycle. This means that absolutely all manufacturing stages (from the surface mounting of elements on the board,  plastic injection, programming and control, until final metrology tests and packing) occur inside the enterprise.

This provides not only the flexibility in production process, but also a strict quality control at all production stages from the input control of components to the pre-shipment inspection. Among other things, we ensure the lowest industry failure rate of 0.1% per year, due to investment in localization.

2013: The first project implemented on PRIME technology, as well as the launch of a universal platform that supports both PRIME and G3-PLC

More than 10 years ago ADD GRUP joined Prime Alliance and G3-PLC™ Alliance, key organizations in the smart networks sector for smart meters. These technologies have been developed to meet the industry’s need for standardized high-speed, highly reliability and long-distance communication through existing power line network.

What makes ADDAX solution different from competitors, one would ask. The specificity is that, unlike its competitors, the G3-PLC™ coexists with PRIME on a single platform, where switching between these technologies is performed by changing the firmware, while eliminating the need to replace the meters and data concentrators.

As for PRIME technology, we are the largest PRIME promoters outside Spain , with projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Colombia, Ukraine, and other countries.

2019: The world’s first project based on the Hybrid G3-PLC

ADDAX IMS uses various solutions to communicate with distant points (between Data Concentrator and e-meters). To get better coverage and combine the advantages of PLC and RF technologies, a hybrid solution was created. Hybrid-based meters can be built into the clean PLC infrastructure, also like Data Concentrators.

Combining all the advantages of PLC and RF systems makes the hybrid solution from ADD GRUP an optimal choice for many purposes. Such a system can help to improve the performance, reliability, capacity and scalability of the network, resulting in additional cost savings in system operation.

Even today, we are the only supplier of Hybrid G3-PLC, which has real commercial projects for more than 50 thousand meters.

2021: Development of own ADDERRA system for the prepayment for utilities

ADD GRUP has registered the trademark ADDERRA – a submetering solution with integrated billing and payment platform for landlords and hotels.

This is a unique solution, currently available on the market, which allows not only for submetering of electricity and water, but also provides a convenient platform in the form of a smartphone application for billing and payment processing, which does not require any interaction between the tenant and landlord or the utility company.

The solution may include prepayments, credit, and consumption-limiting payments, depending on what is more appropriate for the landlord, depending on the level of confidence in the tenant.

ADDERRA was created to help hotel owners and property landlords to offer guests a pleasant holiday, enjoy the use of the system and, equally important, to treat carefully the environment due to reasonable consumption.

2022: Production launch of ADDRA ultrasonic water meters and shut-off valves.

ADD GRUP introduced the first smart water metering system, based on ADDRA technology, at the exhibition 2018 European Utility Week in Vienna.

The ADDRA meter is based on proven ultrasonic technology and advanced leakage control. The device maintains its high accuracy throughout its lifetime (up to 16 years) and allows it to be integrated into AMI systems, as a comprehensive solution for resource accounting.

The shut off valve is installed together with the water meter. It is designed to control the water flow and allows to reduce the consumption, which occurs for various reasons of operation.

On February 23rd, 2022, the Czech Metrology Institute issued a type approval certificate for the ADDRA ultrasonic water meter in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EC. For less than one year our smart water meters are already being tested by partners and utilities in more than 10 countries

2023: The best is yet to come!

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