German Meter MID Certified – ADD Grup’s brand new achievement in smart metering

Posted on 21 December 2017

Smart meter deployment has taken over the globe with an unbelievable force due to progress in the energy sector which inspired energy producers and consumers to supply and install meters of the upgraded kind.

Ever since smart meters have stepped into our customers’ households they have granted certain benefits which doubtfully are significant in day-today life convenience. With the help of ADDAX smart meters gain first-class data, influence the energy consumption of their users, improve profitability of the technology once Smart Metering is also used for various data readings. The smart meter is an enabler for energy management: empowering consumers to save and manage their energy consumption faster and much better.

Until this moment Germany has been predominantly doubtful to install big amounts of smart meters, being frugal to the costs, technical challenges, and a number of data security matters. After years and years of acute considerations and multiple disputes in this regard, the Digitisation of the Energy Turnaround Act in July 2016 has moved the ice and established the guidelines for Germany’s initial minimalistic smart meter rollout set to begin in 2017.

ADD Grup has always been known for its’ perseverance to always support countries and companies seeking to improve the quality of people’s life for a real reason. The reason is the production capabilities we possess to guarantee the immaculate manufacturing performance which results in great inventions. As we treat each day as another accomplishment, here in ADD Grup, we have found a way to experiment and to evaluate our ideas professionally and accurately. Everything ADD Grup has ever done was aimed at the simplification and greater convenience for everyday use of the consumer.

Together with Devolo, German company that specialises in the development of communications devices for private consumers and industrial applications, ADD Grup united the efforts to design and finally come up with a meter that will adapt to the conditions and needs of German energy field.

This week ADDAX FNN meter has been certified by the independent and neutral CSE Group in Germany which is a national and internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electrotechnical devices, components and systems. The electroproducts tested there for their safety, electromagnetic compatibility and other product characteristics.

The Devolo AD13D.2-3-1 meter is ADD’s pride as this meter is FNN-compliant and can be used as modern measuring equipment and in an intelligent measuring system. The meter is flexible and the complete smart metering infrastructure can be installed on the integrated DIN rail. It is equipped with an interface for smart meter gateway (SMWG) or external communication device (TVSC). The other benefits of the meter are: visualisation of the current and past consumption values in 2-line LED display (in accordance with FNN specifications and the Metering Point Operation Act); Measurement in one or two energy flow directions (suitable for photo voltaic applications) in accordance with MID class B; EMC testing and interference immunity in accordance with FNN specifications and The integrated two tariff terminals which let the energy provider offer customers a two tariffs („peak“, „off-peak”), without needing the installation of an intelligent measuring system.

The meter can be called “harmonic” as it is interoperable in frames of intelligent measuring system. ADD Grup’s interoperable policy permits not to become dependent of one and the same manufacturer giving a broad range of opportunities to the Utilities and contractors to choose the preferable option.

The certification of the AD13D.2-3-1 is the success of both Devolo and ADD Grup as both companies have tried to create and to present the product that would satisfy the energy market so that it reaches the final destination – every single German house. Together with Devolo we will keep on exploiting the energy sector and perform the best possible item for the sake of the customer who is our main priority in business.