ADD Grup CEO Elena Turanskaya on how to make this world more energy efficient

ADD Grup is becoming increasingly popular in the global measurement equipment market. At the moment, more than 8 million smart meters produced by ADD Grup have already been installed on three continents of the planet. The world’s leading business media compete in the opportunity to tell their readers about how ADD Grup lives today and what plans the company has for the future.

Thus, in March 2024, ADD Grup CEO Elena Turanskaya became the “cover person” of the new issue of the famous Business Talk magazine. A large and detailed interview with Elena was published on the pages of the media, in which she shared with readers the success story of the ADD Grup company.

In particular, answering the question of what inspired her to create an innovative company, Elena Turanskaya replied that ADD Grup has been operating in the global market for measuring equipment for over three decades. The company has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of high-precision devices. However, we are not resting on our laurels and living in the past. The innovativeness of ADD Grup lies in our constant readiness to change: expanding our product line, offering our clients new technologies in water and electricity consumption measurement, and entering entirely new markets.

As an example, Elena Turanskaya mentioned the newest product of ADD Grup – an ultrasonic water meter ADDRA with a control valve.

«Nothing prevented us from continuing to produce only electricity meters. But we decided to enter the global water metering market because water is a vital resource for humanity, facing serious challenges due to the rapid growth of the Earth’s population. It was rational resource consumption that inspired us to enter this market», says Elena Turanskaya to Business Talk magazine.

Also, the CEO of ADD Grup shared with the readers of the magazine about the company’s plans for the future. She said that today we observe a situation where the tourism industry is becoming increasingly energy-intensive. The average tourist spends four times more water and electricity on vacation than they do at home.

According to new European directives, Spain and Portugal are required to reduce water consumption by 15%, including in hotels and rental accommodations. Filling pools during droughts will be prohibited, including for tourist facilities. Violators of the restrictions could be fined up to 3,000 euros.

Besides gigantic fines, there are other equally effective ways to rationalize the use of natural resources. ADD Grup is ready to offer hotels and landlords the ADDERRA technical solution to combat water and electricity overconsumption.

To do this, it is enough to exclude the cost of water and electricity consumed by tourists and tenants from the total rent bill, which will lead to savings for both parties. All that is needed for this is to install water and electricity meters in each rental accommodation and hotel room and download the smartphone application.

In conclusion, Elena Turanskaya said: «Regardless of who our clients are – whether it’s power grids, water utilities, landlords, hotels, or ordinary consumers – our mission is to provide solutions to everyone involved in the process of water and electricity consumption. Let’s together conserve the resources of our planet!»

Read the full text of the interview with Elena Turanskaya:

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