Addra smart water meters are efficient to mitigate flood damages

The devastating impact of floods cannot be understated, as these natural disasters cause massive damage to infrastructure, homes, and livelihoods across affected regions.
In early June, for instance, thousands of people were evacuated from their homes in southern Germany after heavy rains caused several rivers to burst their banks. The floods have caused a great damage to homes and residential infrastructure. The insurers anticipate that these floods will result in damages amounting to €2 billion. Actually, this amount must be much higher because many owners did not insure their properties against floods and their damages are not covered by this sum.
The recent surge in flood events has highlighted the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to protect human health and economy, which are based on the flooding regulations. The worldwide authorities, primarily the WHO, have long time ago developed the flood guidelines, which scope is to mitigate the consequences of such disasters. One of those is to shut off water if evacuations are necessary or flooding is imminent. This guideline is adopted in the most countries of the world, in the regulations of local authorities.
Shut-off is pretty difficult if people are outside homes directly at the moment when the flood situation suddenly becomes catastrophic. The recent events show that such situations are not completely predictable and people must sometimes be urgently evacuated, having no time to shut off their home utilities.

Addra smart water meters as a solution to mitigate flood damages

Residential Addra smart water meters with integrated shut-off valves can be exactly a solution in this case as an added layer of safety and protection to minimize risks for health and home.
Here is the explanation why Addra water meter is beneficial:

  • Remote water shut-off

    With smart Addra water meters, users have a unique opportunity to remotely shut off the water supply if they are unable to reach home and must be evacuated. When evacuating due to a flood, users are able to activate a turn-off command for water meter via smartphone.

  • Backflow prevention

    Floodwaters enter the building’s plumbing system through a phenomenon called backflow. This occurs when the water level rises due to flooding, causing the pressure in the drainage system to increase. If the pressure becomes greater than the pressure in the potable water supply, water can flow backwards through the system, bringing contaminants with it. Floodwaters cause sewage and contaminated water to backflow into homes, posing serious health risks. With Addra water meters, users can remotely shut off the water supply, preventing backflow and contamination, preventing contaminated floodwaters from entering the water supply system.

  • Reduced Water Damage

    Sediment and debris carried by floodwaters can clog pipes, causing damages. This leads to costly repairs, replacements, and downtime for maintenance. Contaminated floodwaters cause pipes to burst or rupture, leading to costly repairs and replacements. By shutting off the water supply rapidly, smart ultrasonic Addra water meters with integrated shut-off valves can significantly reduce the amount of water damage caused by flooding. That will save homeowners thousands of euros.

  • Increased Property Value

    Homes equipped with smart ultrasonic Addra water meters with integrated shut-off valves have a higher value due to their added safety features and ability to mitigate flood damage.

By incorporating residential Addra water meters with integrated shut-off valves into homes, the consumers may enjoy peace of mind knowing that their properties are better protected against the risks associated with flooding.


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