ADD GRUP registers ADDERRA trademark

ADD GRUP has registered ADDERRA trademark referred to utility payment control solution for hotels and rental property.

This is a unique solution available currently at the market that enables not only sub-metering of electricity and water, but also provides a user-friendly platform in the form of smart-phone application for billing and payment processing, which does not require any interaction between tenant and landlord or utility company.

The solution can enable payments in prepaid, credit and consumption limiting mode, whichever is more suitable for landlord based on the level of trust to tenant.

For short-term vacation rental, for example, the most suitable payment terms will be prepayment. This will give assurance to landlord that all consumed water and electricity is covered by payment, while tenant shall be motivated for a more reasonable consumption.

For long-term rental credit mode with specified billing and payment dates will be more convenient both for tenant and landlord. In such mode ADDERRA system shall automatically generate invoices at the end of the billing period inside smart-phone app with a specified payment deadline. If the payment does not happen at deadline, the meters will automatically disconnect electricity and/or water.

For hotels we have designed a solution, according to which even smart-phone is not needed. Hotel guest will get ADDERRA key-fob at reception to check-in with electricity and water meters installed in individual hotel room, and shall pay the consumed electricity and water after check-out. The use of key-fob instead of smart-phone also allows payments for electricity and water by cash or credit card at reception.

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ADDERRA Advanced configuration
ADDERRA Basic configuration
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