ADD GRUP presents 9th generation of ADDAX smart meters

ADD GRUP presents 9th generation of ADDAX smart meters

In a world, where energy plays an increasingly important role, and its generation has a visible effect over the environment, the consumption management becomes a vital component not only of Utilities’ business, but also of our day to day life. ADD GRUP develops and manufactures an advanced metering solution, which offers to Utility companies the levers for an efficient resources management and provides end-consumers the necessary information to motivate responsible consumption. We build our products on a strong foundation: the synergy of our knowledge, our experience and the experience of our customers. That is why we do not rest on our laurels and invest in the creation of new generations of products and solutions to meet the current challenges power grids and consumers are facing.

Today we are coming up with the 9th generation of smart meters. It consists of two product lines:

– The main line is based on modular platform, where meter housing contains only the measurement and host part together with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) interface, while the modular part gives utilities the flexibility to choose among variety of communication solutions: PLC (PRIME or G3-PLC), RF (Wi-SUN), Hybrid PLC+RF (PRIME or G3-PLC), Cellular, NB IoT.

– The secondary line contains DIN-rail type meters with BLE Bluetooth Low Energy interface.

The new generation of meters is designed to address customer demand and requirements in a variety of markets in Latin America, Asia and Africa, where the demand for communication solutions is not homogenious, while markets are generally price sensitive. The product mix in the new generation of meters gives utilities flexibility in the choice of communication technologies for the main modular metering platform, while DIN rail BLE meters serve as complimentary low cost solution for group metering use cases/scenarios, where meters are installed close to each other in metering rooms or cabinets on pole tops.

Availability of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) interface allows the consumer to monitor consumption through a smartphone. In addition to this ADDAX 9th generation meters can be integrated into the ADDERRA utility payment control solution and used in prepaid or auto-off credit mode when consumer debt is generated.

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