ADD Grup is preparing for a large-scale project in Spain to replace smart electricity meters based on Prime 1.4

At the beginning of the year, ADD Grup delivered a trial batch of 2500 electricity meters based on Prime 1.4 technology to Spain for the leading electricity supplier Iberdrola. This is of the four pilot projects that allows Iberdrola to fully prepare for the implementation of a large-scale program to replace electricity meters.

We are talking about the second wave of rollout of smart electricity meters in Spain. The first wave of rollout, which was implemented based on Prime 1.3.6 technology, began in 2010 and was completed until the end of 2018. Accordingly, meters installed more than 15 years ago must now be replaced with new ones.

The purpose of this campaign is to upgrade Spain’s energy infrastructure to the latest generation of Prime communications technology. Upgrading to Prime 1.4 will significantly reduce field work associated with operational costs during network cleaning and subsequent network maintenance. This will lead to a significant reduction in both equipment and labor costs to achieve 100% data collection and connectivity to each of the devices virtually online. This is extremely important in case of frequent on-demand requests (turn off/on relays, real-time alarms) and integration of new services or renewables in the grid.

Iberdrola invited the Moldovan manufacturer to participate in such a large-scale project, since ADD Grup is one of the main Prime promoters in Europe and Latin America. So far, the company’s portfolio already had several successful large-scale projects implemented on this smart technology – in Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Lebanon, as well as some pilots in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.

To participate in the second wave of electricity meter rollout in Spain, ADD Grup fulfilled several serious requirements from Iberdrola. Among these requirements are: Prime dual stack 1.3.6/1.4 certification, T5 data model certification, as well as special performance tests carried out in the ITE laboratory in Spain.

To qualify as an Iberdrola partner and supplier, ADD Grup’s smart meters had to demonstrate backward compatibility with the existing roll out, interoperability (the ability of a product to interact with other companies’ products and software) and ensure a high percentage of data collection with third-party hubs.

All these tasks were honorably performed by ADD Grup, and the special performance tests were passed even more successfully than expected.

In line with our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitment, ADD Grup empowered Engitech Metering S.L., a joint venture between Obremo and our strategic partner Enprotech to serve the Spanish Market.

Under a license agreement, ADD Grup, with the support of his local strategic partner Enprotech, plans to locally manufacture the newest generation of PRIME Smart Meters and also provide customers with other necessary equipment, such as data concentrators.

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