Environmental Management

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ADD-Production s.r.l. environmental policy

ADD-Production s.r.l. – is a modern highly technological company that seeks to take the leading position in production of electronics for the remote resource consumption metering system.
The Company supplies different regions of the world with its product, regions that differ from each other by climate, ecology or demographics.

Acknowledging the fact that the Company actives and its product, during the manufacturing stage, may adversely affect the environment, ADD-Production s.r.l. top management has developed and committed itself to the following principles:

- Implementation and operation of company’s activity in full compliance with the national environmental legislation.

-Provide consumers with quality, environment friendly and easy to recycle products.

- Implementation of environmental management system that meets the requirements for ISO 14000 Series of international standards.

- Reducing energy consumption and caring out a phase transition of manufacturing process to energy-saving technologies.

- Actively involving partners and primarily component and material supplies in environmental protection activities, complying to the appropriate international requirements.

- Ensure environmental safety of manufacturing processes by timely modernization and technological improvement of the company.

- Following the safety policy and prevention of accidents.

- Setting up of a continual training to raise сompany’s personnel competence and awareness on environment related issues; involvement of all employees in the implementation of company’s environmental policy.

- Regular activities for landscaping/improving company’s territory/premises.

- Active participation in local and national events on ecology.

- Communication of company’s actions in the area of Environmental Protection to all stakeholders – employees, partners, media, NGOs, authorities/regulatory bodies,

- Assessing environmental performance (of our activity) and based on them improving the EMS.

ADD-Production’s Management is committed to implementation of EMS Policy. Protecting the environment, rational consumption of natural resources - this is our duty toward current and future generations.

General director, ADD-Production s.r.l.
Turanskaya E.V.