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21 June 2017

Innovations in standard smart metering solutions for KPI improvement

Standard solutions in smart metering are designed to assure vendor independence through interoperability.

If we talk about PRIME and G3-PLC, respective alliances include as members a lot of vendors, many of them even having the certificates for meters and data concentrators for compliance with respective technology.

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05 June 2017

ADD Grup uses ADI's isolated metering chipset to achieve magnetic immunity and prevent electricity theft

Electricity theft is a costly and growing problem for utilities around the world. As theft rates continue to rise, utility operators are establishing stringent smart meter system requirements designed to eliminate tampering and protect revenue.

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31 May 2017

CEZ Romania Highly Appreciates PRIME PLC pilot delivered by ADD Grup

ADD Grup is excited to announce that the pilot project in Craiova (Romania) has been successfully finalized. It’s been a challenge due to very tough project deadlines but we are happy to inform that the results made us proud again of our product as well as our implementation team contribution to deliver the pilot during a very short time frame.

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