ADDAX IMS is a modern automated system for remote accounting and management of various types of resources (electricity, water, heat, gas). The system has three-level architecture. The upper level – data collection, storage and processing of data and some data controls (MDMS). Intermediate level – equipment for enabling communication with the registration points. Lower level – user equipment mounted directly at the points of accounting and control.

The system supports a wide range of services: accounting for time and load profile, load control, demand management, imbalance control, work in the credit or pre-payment mode.

The main advantages of ADDAX LV PLC:

• 2-way communication
• Compliance with international standards and protocols
• Operating frequency range – 30-90 kHz (S-FSK) 20-100 kHz (OFDM)
• Baud rate – up to 2400 baud (S-FSK) and 128 Kbps (OFDM)
• The transmission distance – ~ 2000 m

The main advantages of data transmission through MV lines :

• Low noisiness
• Greater protection against hacker attacks due to the need to have special equipment to connect to the line
• High data provide a quick response time, which is required for AMI systems, and applications for intelligent network
• No need for additional investments
• The transmission media is free. Using MV PLC as “intermediate” allows several times to reduce the number of necessary access points paid for public communication networks (GSM / GPRS).
• Lack of long-term interruption in communications, any failure on the MV line is eliminated promptly.

• Display the network changes
• Type definition of new devices
• Configure the routing application data.
• Configuring the router for transmitting alarms and statistics, that is the basis of the analysis for the network.
• Displays the current situation on routers.
• Analysis of the multi-master environment (a situation where several master-facing routers at the data link layer in the same environment) and the resolution of conflicts.
• Verifying routes to devices

Structurally, RR + is the only entry point to the network for the Centre and other clients ADDAX.

Supported functionality:
• RR + provides data communication between the Centre and the ADDAX objects
• RR + is used to generate a table of objects and routes them to the subsequent transfer of the routing table in the center.
• Enhanced management of the Ethernet network within the ADDAX points.
• Synchronizes the network time in the network ADDAX.

SIMS – is an automated system for registration of electrical consumption from the ADDAX meters, other types of resources (electricity, water, heat, gas) and consumption management.

The main functions:

• Management of network devices
• Remote configuration of meters ( limits, parameters, settings, time, demads etc.)
• Collection of data
• Drafting regulations of requests for data from the devices.
• Tasks tariff schedules.
• Tasks scheduling of an additional relay, controller, power supply points SSC, controller workload management LCU.
• View data from network devices.

The system based on the equipment version 7 include:
• Single-phase meters
• Three-phase meters, transformer and direct connection
• Multi-channel metering system CMS
• Routers/DCU
• Remote Displays
• Connecting Devices for overhead and underground lines
• Software version 6 SIMS

Software COSEM is intended to demonstrate the operation of the devices ADDAX. The program allows you to perform the following functions:
• The meters parameterization (configuration);
• Upgrade the meter software;
• Set the time;
• Changing modes prepayment meter;
• Read the current data;
• Reading interval data;
• Monitoring events.

Split – is a multi-meter division on the components: measuring part and the user part (terminal). This method allows the separation of the measuring part in hard to reach places, making possibility of theft of electricity or intervention on the counter too difficult. The measuring part – is the counter-pole mounted on utility poles or in the specially protected place.

The main advantage of the hardware version 7:

• Open protocol and data S – FSK, OFDM
• The ability to integrate third party equipment through the support of the public records of PRIME T5, IDIS, DLMS / COSEM.
• Using a data concentrator, this reduces the load on the center of the collection and processing of data through decentralization equipment.
• The use of back-up power supply (battery)
• Improved protection against theft: anti-tamper switch counter and terminal block cover.
• Support for additional communication modules
• Remote or local software update meter
• Increased memory for storage of user and service data

Remote metering technology and management of various types of resources allows centralized collection of data with the multi meter. Multifunction counters provide detailed information on consumption, including the interval profiles allow you to control the quality of electricity supplied, provide remote shutdown / enable the consumer load and provide data to third parties for the settlement with the consumer. For data transmission, are usually used 0.4 kV power line, the mobile communication channel, based on 2G/3G technology and others. Modern multifunctional counters help maintain measurement devices other resources (for heat meters, water, gas) for various wired or wireless channels.

The main advantages of the system ADDAX IMS are:
• Scalability – the ability to expand the system, depending on customer requirements
• Flexibility – the ability to customize (adaptation) of equipment, depending on the topology and network status
• Openness – compatibility with third-party systems, such as a billing system that supports standard protocols
• Return – due to support data transmission on the medium voltage lines

Protection against theft of electricity is provided by the following means:

• Differential current sensor
• The sensor cover is removed and the meter terminal cover
• The sensor of a strong magnetic field
• Split – solution

ADDAX system is able to operate in two modes:

• prepayment mode – automatic delivery of electric power to each end user based on the pre-payment made by it. If you exceed the paid-consumption meter is automatically switched off in accordance with the standards of STS.
• credit mode – the automatic start of electricity consumed by each-end user, and then summing the individual results for the reporting period

The system supports switching between the two modes in the operation of the counter.

The meter is resistant to external magnetic fields. The specific values of the maximum permanent magnetic induction of external origin depend on the meter model (see more details in datasheet

Multifunctional meters ADDAX can be used both for household meters and meters for the small motor sector. ADDAX system supports up to 100.000 meters simultaneously.

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