Launch of a pilot project for the installation of ADDRA water meters in Spain

In June 2019, ADD GRUP successfully launched its first pilot project for the installation of ADDRA water meters. The project was launched in Las Jarillas, province of Segovia, half an hour from Madrid to the North of Spain.

It was decided to launch the project in Segovia, since it is quite symbolic to launch the project in the place where the longest ancient Roman aqueduct, preserved in Western Europe, is located. Its length is 728 m and its height is 28 m. This aqueduct is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, when choosing a location, it was quite interesting for us to combine antique technologies in the field of water resources management and modern Smart water metering solutions.

ADD GRUP launched a project together with the Spanish company DESPROSE, which provides services for the entire Las Jarillas (water supply, water metering, sewerage, territory cleaning, street repair, electrical equipment, etc.). When starting the pilot project in Segovia, certain goals were set:

  • The need to automate data collection. It will simplify, make data accounting more efficient and cheaper.
  • Ability to control the water supply valve. In case of emergency, leakage or non-payment, there is the possibility of both partial and complete shutdown of the water supply.
  • Receive emergency information through notifications.
  • Monitoring and accounting of water consumption 24/7.
  • Optimization and minimization of losses of water resources.

ADDRA Intelligent Water Meter from ADD GRUP is based on proven ultrasonic technology and advanced leakage control. The meter maintains its high accuracy over the entire service life and allows integration into AMI systems as part of a comprehensive water / heat / gas / electricity solution.

Among the advantages of ADDRA smart water meter are:


• Simplicity and ease of installation. No additional hardware required.
• All commissioning is carried out remotely on the server.
• Communication between the meter and the server is carried out via LoRa wireless communication.
• All data collection is integrated into the SIMS program.
• The presence of a valve enables utilities to shut off the water supply. Shutdown can be done remotely. This is an excellent tool for managing water flow in areas where there are problems with water supply.
• Flexible options for interaction between the meter and the valve through the App via Bluetooth at a distance of up to 20 meters.
• The meters are equipped with industrial batteries with a life of up to 16 years.
• Not subject to wear due to unclean water.
• Reliability during long-term operation.
• Continuous monitoring of water consumption.
• Monitoring and reporting of leaks.
• Reliable billing.

• Simplicity and ease of use.

Project complexity

In this project, an underground installation of water meters was carried out, this was complicated by possible risks and weather conditions.
The main pump base with a supply station and a reservoir for water storage is located in the center of location at the highest point. Water meters were installed in the mines located on the curbs in front of the houses. In one mine, 2 meters were installed for two houses. Depth of installation is from 20 to 55 cm underground, which complicated the coverage of the LoRa network signal. In the mines it was rather dirty, sewage flows there, insects live. There were cases when the meter was completely in the sand, in addition, during rains or accidents there is a high risk of flooding the mine.

After installation, the device was checked and launched. During the work, the pilot project showed good results and uninterrupted operation at all established points. In the future, ADD GRUP specialists will also provide technical support for the project.

Upon completion of the installation of meters, a training was held for the staff of the Spanish company DESPROSE. Among others, during the training, topics were discussed on the operation of meters, on the export of data, on monitoring data and emergencies, as well as on the proper management of devices. Representatives of the companies also agreed on further cooperation and development of the project on installing ADDRA smart water meters in Spain.

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