The impact of smart meters ADDRA on the water supply situation

Water, a crucial resource for humanity, faces significant challenges due to rapid population growth. Unfortunately, the unequal distribution of this vital resource remains a major global issue. It is disheartening that over two billion people struggle for access to clean water, while others use it carelessly, filling swimming pools or watering lawns in dry seasons.

Adding to the problem, a substantial amount of drinking water is lost due to leakage, illegal connections, and misuse. This situation prompts the need to find effective solutions to ensure equitable and efficient water consumption.

To tackle these challenges, ADD Grup presents a unique and comprehensive solution known as ADDRA. Unlike many competitive solutions, ADDRA provides a complete Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), featuring water meters equipped with integrated or separate shut-off valves.

With ADDRA’s implementation, water suppliers gain the ability to easily track and monitor water consumption remotely, leveraging technologies such as LoRaWAN or NB-IoT networks. This allows them to detect instances of theft and losses, disconnect debtors from water access, and impose limits on water usage during drought conditions.

Moreover, consumers benefit from the flexibility to set up an automated shut-off of their water flow in the event of leakage or bursts, preventing potential floods when no one is home. A user-friendly smartphone app, seamlessly connected to the water meter, provides consumers with valuable insights into their water consumption. This not only facilitates better control but also encourages responsible water use.

By joining our mission of digital transformation, you contribute to creating a brighter future for our planet. ADDRA is more than a technological solution; it is a step towards a sustainable and responsible approach to managing our precious water resources. Together, let’s build a world where water is used wisely and equitably, ensuring its availability for generations to come.

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