Smart meters will be produced in Ukraine under the license of ADD Grup

In January 2023, ADD Grup (Moldova) signed a strategic partnership agreement with ADL Electronics (Ukraine), which gives ADL Electronics the right to manufacture smart electricity meters in Ukraine under our license.

According to the agreement our partners will be able to manufacture single-phase and three-phase ADDAX electricity meters and data concentrators based on the 8th series on the territory of Ukraine.

The company also receives the exclusive right to sell ADDRA water meters equipped with a shut-off valve to the territory of Ukraine.

Up-to-date manufacturing facility and a well-coordinated team of professionals – this is what will make ADL Electronics one of the leading smart metering manufacturers in Ukraine. The company’s mission today is the introduction of modern technologies to automate the daily processes of measurement and data collection.

In order to guarantee to its customers an exceptional quality of products ADL Electronics, adopted ADD Grup experience and organized in its enterprise a full in-house manufacturing cycle from plastic injection to functional control, calibration and verification.

The combined efforts of ADL Electronics and ADD Grup will definitely contribute to restoration of energy sector in Ukraine.

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