Devolo smart meter developed with ADD GRUP received certification in Germany

The three-phase meter, developed by devolo and ADD GRUP, received MID certification (conformity to the modules B and D type) and approval in the German market. Conformity assessment was conducted by the CSA Group Bayern. Now the devolo three-phase electricity meter can be used both as a modern measuring equipment and as part of an intelligent measuring system.

A three-phase smart meter conforming to FNN specifications was developed by devolo in close collaboration with ADD GRUP. The long-term experience ADD GRUP in the development of advanced measurement solutions for the electricity market and over 6 million installed meters makes ADD GRUP a recognized player in the global smart meter market. Combined with the devolo experience in the field of energy communication, the companies created the devolo 60A electricity meter, which is perfectly compatible with other components of smart metering. High accuracy measurement of electricity in both directions of flow and resistance to electromagnetic interference are the dominant characteristics of the devolo device produced in Europe.

The devolo meter was registered in the European MID, in classifications A and B. The certification refers to the devolo meter 60 A, which can be operated using a three-phase or single-phase current. The stability of the measurement in accordance with FNN note was confirmed by VDE. The secure communication of the meter via the LMN interface was successfully tested and the latency time according to PTB A 50.8 of less than 2 seconds was confirmed.

Optional GRID functionality and two-rate function

The devolo 3.HZ meter is optionally equipped with a grid function. A total of 12 different parameters are recorded, including voltage and current values, phase angles and values ​​derived from them. These parameters are used to determine the state of the GRID. Data transmission is provided by the WAN interface of the Smart Meter Gateway.

Thanks to the GRID feature, the devolo meter can perform additional useful services in an intelligent metering system. As a modern measuring equipment, the devolo three-phase electricity meter also provides innate added value: the two-rate tariff function.

Thanks to this additional function, the energy provider can offer its customers a two- rate tariff without installing an intelligent measuring system for this. If the end customer still does not need to install an intelligent metering system with a meter, smart meter gateway and WAN connection, the provider can rely on the devolo meter with a two-rate tariff function. To control the external terminals, the meter offers supply terminals for ripple control receivers of the measuring point operator.

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