Romania continues to install smart electricity meters made by ADD Grup

ADD Grup congratulates Eximprod, a strategic partner, for winning the tender from DISTRIBUTIE ENERGIE OLTENIA (DEO) to supply over 700,000 smart electricity meters for consumers in Romania. This achievement marks the third significant commercial project for mass meter rollout carried out by ADD Grup in the Romanian market.

In accordance with contractual terms ADD Grup in collaboration with Eximprod, will supply 730,000 smart electricity meters and 3,500 ADDAX concentrators to the Romanian market over the next four years.

The foundation of this project stands on the right approach to choosing communication technologies. In 2018 Romania adopted a law requiring the mandatory installation of next-generation smart meters with remote data reading capabilities.

In anticipation of this law, the energy distribution company DISTRIBUTIE ENERGIE OLTENIA, aimed to select a metering system that would ensure interoperability and communication efficiency between the meters and Head-End software.

Therefore, in 2017, DISTRIBUTIE ENERGIE OLTENIA launched four pilot projects: two based on G3-PLC and two based on PRIME PLC. In the end, the PRIME technology (including the one supplied by ADD Grup for one of the pilot projects) demonstrated its best suitability for the tasks set up by the electricity network operator. This became the rationale for choosing PRIME PLC as the foundation for the widespread implementation of smart meters in DISTRIBUTIE ENERGIE OLTENIA’s network.

To date, the awarded tender is the third commercial project based on PRIME PLC supplied by ADD Grup for DEO. This reaffirms the correctness of the chosen technologies and the reliability of the manufactured products.

One of ADD Grup’s major advantages is the level of quality delivered: the average defect rate among smart meters made by ADD Grup is around 0.1% annually.

Romania is one of the largest markets for high-precision measuring equipment produced by ADD Grup. Read more about the projects already implemented in this country:

Background: ADD Grup is the largest promoter of PRIME PLC outside of Spain and Portugal, having tested this technology on more than 2 million electricity meters ADDAX worldwide.

Eximprod is a group of companies that offers a complex portfolio of equipment, solutions and services dedicated to the energy field. Eximprod Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of electrical products from 0.4 to 400 kV.

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