Destroy the myths about smart meters

With the advent of something new, there are always skeptics who will say that it is dangerous and bad. People are used to old electromechanical meters, so they are afraid and refuse to install smart meters. In this article, we will try to refute myths and conjectures about the danger of smart meters, for this we collected the most exciting questions and answer them.

New meters do not meet fire safety.

All smart meters produced by ADD GRUP are tested and have quality certificates. They are fully complying with fire safety standards. In the world there are more than 5.7 million smart meters developed on the basis of the ADDAX IMS system, and there was not a single case of fire danger.

  • The standard EN 50470-1 includes general safety requirements, including fire safety of meters.

Primary requirements:

  1. The material from which the terminal block is made must withstand a temperature of 960 ° C, the material of the terminal cover and meter case is 650 ° C.
  2. The design of the meter itself should be such that even if a flame inside it arises, the possibility of the spread of fire outside the meter is considered to be reduced to a tolerable level.

Spread harmful to health electromagnetic radiation.

Smart meters do not pose a threat to health. There is no evidence of their negative impact. The radiation of smart meters corresponds to the standards for this kind of electrical equipment.

  • The IEC 61010-1 standard contains requirements for the microwave and sound emission levels of equipment.

The equipment shall provide protection against the effects of internally generated microwave radiation, sonic and ultrasonic pressure.

The data received by smart metering systems and allowing to create a detailed profile of customer consumption can be hacked and potentially get into the hands of non-authorized parties.

The security policy in ADDAX IMS smart metering solution is in compliance with DLMS/COSEM security requirements. AES-GCM-128 security suite is used as the solution communications security feature for data encryption and authentication and key transport methods. Role based access to data is based on DLMS/COSEM application associations with different clients each having different access rights.

When transmitting data, protected channels are used, all the way from the data collection point to the server where the data is processed. Data security is provided at various levels: communication, data collection system, equipment. Access to information, its storage and management is based on the mechanisms of data encryption, authentification and key management.

Old meters work longer than new meters.

The service life of smart meters is 20 years, it is comparable with the life of old electromechanical meters or simple electronic meters, but there is an advantage in the possibility of updating smart meters to more advanced technologies without changing the hardware while old meters can be only physically replaced.

To operate a smart meter, you need electricity and the consumer pays for it.

The meter power supply is obtained from the utility side the measuring part of the meter, therefore the meter self-consumption is not taken into account when calculating with the consumer but comes at the expense of the electricity supplier.

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