The first 50 thousand smart meters from MAASARA on the basis of ADDAX Technology are already in production

The Egyptian company Maasara Company for Engineering Industries is now qualified with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) for the supply of smart meters based on the ADDAX technology developed by ADD GRUP.

Implementation of this supply will be carried out within the framework of the previously signed cooperation agreement between ADD GRUP and HERMAS Group on the production of smart meters in the Territory of Maasara Company for Engineering Industries.

Under the contract signed between HERMAS Group and Maasara Company for Engineering Industries, the first 50 thousand meters, of which 35,000 prepayment meters and 15,000 smart meters shall be manufactured in the territory of the Maasara factory. The finished batch of single-phase and three-phase meters of the MSM (Maasara Smart Meter) and MPM (Maasara Prepayment Meter) series is planned for release in November-December of this year.

For the production of meters, ADD GRUP supplies electronic modules with software. Technical and technological support, including the control of the production process by the engineers of both ADD GRUP and HERMAS Group at the stage of production start-up.

Smart meters have passed through several stages of approval at the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, and shall accordingly be delivered to the Smart Metering project in the South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company.

Full-scale production has started in September 2018.  Earlier this year under the Maasara brand, a test batch of 1000 meters was made (800 prepayment meters and 200 smart meters) that successfully passed all the testing stages.

Besides projects in Egypt, meters will be soled to Middle East and Africa. The efficiency of the business and promotion of the product will be assured by HERMAS Group.

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