ADDRA smart water metering system from ADD GRUP

At the European Utility Week 2018 exhibition in Vienna, ADD GRUP will present a modern water metering system based on ADDRA technology for the smart metering market.

The smart system offers many communication technologies to read data locally and remotely, according to a programmed schedule or on demand. The solution provides flexible reporting, integration with third-party systems and provides a convenient interface.

The ADD Smart Water Prepayment Solution will include: ADD water meter, a shut-off valve, LoRaWAN gateway, a user interface, and a smart measuring system for remote reading and data management.

The ADDRA prepayment meter is based on proven ultrasonic technology and advanced leakage control. The device retains its high accuracy throughout its service life (up to 16 years) and allows it to be integrated into the AMI system, as a complete solution for water, heat, gas and electricity.

The ADD shut-off valve, as part of the ADD Smart Water Prepayment Solution, is installed together with a water meter. It is designed to control the water supply and allows you to reduce consumption, which occurs for various reasons of operation.

The user interface with Bluetooth 5.0 communication, based on modern technology ADDRA is designed for fast and convenient data exchange with user interfaces (CIU or smartphone).

The ADD Smart Water Prepayment Solution is a separate water metering system, but it can also be part of the AMI system as part of a solution for water, heat, gas and electricity.

The ADD GRUP company transferred its long-term experience in the development of smart energy accounting systems to the creation of a modern and improved ADDRA water meter. More than 6 million smart electricity meters based on the ADDAX system have already been installed in 27 countries around the world. We are constantly improving, opening new horizons and creating modern solutions for accounting for natural resources in order to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable.

For more information visit us at EUW 2018 in Vienna, booth No Ak.16

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