How to encourage landlords and hoteliers to be more energy efficient

The efficiency of the use of natural resources directly affects the state of the environment in the region. The more water and electricity is used in the world, the more fossil fuel is burned to supply them, which negatively affects the level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. These negative consequences can be avoided if a more competent policy in this area is pursued.

Residential consumers tend to make their consumption more reasonable, especially in view of serious price increase for electricity this year in EU. The same trend is unfortunately, not applicable to tourism industry. At the moment, millions of tourists during their holidays spend 3-4 times more electricity and water than they spend at home. Hotels and guest houses do not yet limit the growth of these utility costs, simply including them in the total cost of rental services for accommodation.

For many years our company ADD Grup has been creating technical means to help residential consumers rationalize the use of electricity and water and respectively the level of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Today it is the right time to encourage landlords and hoteliers to be more energy efficient. We have developed and implemented a new submetering service called Adderra. The objective of this solution is to separate the cost of electricity and water spent from accomodation fee. When tenants pay for utilities separately, they have a direct incentive to use them rationally.

The solution we are offering has not been present at the market until today and requires visibility to the target audience which are hotels and landlords. We are therefore actively looking for mechanisms of interaction with environmental organizations who can be involved in the creation of awareness of such type of solutions to the target audience to create respective demand that will further result in an improved electricity and water efficiency.

Together, we must influence the tourism industry and make its participants treat natural resources more carefully!

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