According to, the bid of Intracom Telecom for a project of 200 000 meters had the lowest price on the opening of bid envelopes on Friday 4th of November. The first 10 000 meters will be delivered in 9 months after the contract signature, then the remaining meters will be deployed in 15 months. This project is the first stage of replacing 7.5 Million meters nationwide.

The declaration of the winner will take at least 15 days, while other procedures for approval of the contract are supposed to bring the signature date to the end of January 2017.

The project, offered by Intracom Telecom, shall be based on PLC PRIME (1.3.6) as the main communication technology with at least 20% of the meters having GPRS as the second communication solution.

Intracom Telecom’s offer includes meters from two manufacturers: ADD GRUP and Elgama-Electronika. The meters from two vendors are interoperable with ADDAX concentrators provided by ADD GRUP. The system shall be managed by Head-End Software provided by Atende.

As a result of the project consumers will have detailed information on their real, not estimated, electricity bill. Moreover, the offer includes 30 000 In-Home Displays to be eventually supplied by ADD GRUP to test how the enhanced awareness of their own consumption would help consumers save energy.


HEDNO’s tasks include the operation, maintenance and development of the power distribution network in Greece, as well as the assurance of a transparent and impartial access of consumers and of all network users in general. HEDNO aims at providing reliable power supply to our Customers, quality of electricity voltage and constant improvement of quality in services.

About ADD GRUP:  Developper and Manufacturer of AMI solutions (Smart Meters, Communication Infrastructure and related software, collectively known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure) based on open standards PRIME, G3-PLC, Wi-Sun. For more information on ADD GRUP, please visit:

ADDAX IMS is a technologically advanced AMI platform that combines robustness with high interoperability with most popular communication technologies: PRIME, G3-PLC, 3GPP. Contractors appreciate its seamless connectivity with Home and Wide Area Networks (HAN and WAN) that gives flexibility during system deployment and operation. For details on ADDAX IMS please visit:

About Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems & solutions vendor operating for over 35 years in the market. During its nearly four decades of history, the company has successfully participated in major ICT projects worldwide and has received awards and distinctions for its technologies and work environment. For more information, please visit

“ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA” Ltd. develops and produces the whole range of devices for electricity measurement, control and management applied in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It together with partners as well presents smart metering solutions applied for utility needs at metering data management level. For more information:

About Atende: Atende is one of Poland’s largest system integrators with more than 20 years of tradition. Atende specialises in three main domains: ICT system integration (networks, computing systems, security), technical infrastructure integration (data centre equipment, guaranteed power supply, intelligent buildings) and services based on technological platforms, offered under the cloud computing and outsourcing models. For more information:

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