ADDAX IMS as a progressive and effective solution for protecting consumers and utilities around the world

In the modern world due to opportunity to keep everything under control, new perspectives for favorable changes in the conduct of business open up. ADD GRUP helps to control the consumption of electricity, which allows you to analyze and improve the performance of utilities.

ADD GRUP is a company with more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative solutions in the field of smart metering. To date, our projects have been successfully implemented in more than 27 countries around the world. Our team constantly improves and demonstrates the potential of our smart devices to partners. We cooperate with utilities and large energy companies around the world.

Smart metering system ADDAX IMS developed by ADD GRUP includes: classic single-phase and three-phase meters, pole meters, prepayment meters and communication equipment. ADDAX IMS provides data collection and processing functions, data exchange and some data analysis functions. Our system supports credit and prepayment modes, load control and the possibility of its reduction, quality control of the supplied electricity.

Development of intelligent equipment takes into account requirements and needs of three segments at once: energy companies, consumers of electricity and environment.

The main advantages of installing ADDAX IMS counters for utilities are: ability to detect attempts to steal electricity and other unauthorized activities, compatibility of equipment with equipment from other manufacturers, secure access to information, storage and management, automatic system for taking readings, providing data in real-time mode.

For consumers, the important advantage of smart meters ADD GRUP is that they can monitor their energy consumption in real time, where ADDAX IMS allows consumers to adjust their habits, thereby reducing energy costs.

Not of least importance for ADD GRUP management is the company policy in the field of environmental protection and involvement of other companies in rational consumption of natural resources. All our products meet the requirements of international standards ISO 14000. We make sure that the consumer receives quality, environmentally friendly and easy-to-process products.

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