ADDAX IMS Demonstrates High Reliability in Lithuania

ADD GRUP with its partners Tecnolines UAB and ELKO SIA delivered a turnkey pilot project to Lithuanian electricity distributor ESO as part of a comprehensive Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA).  It should be noted that a previous CBA (done without participation of ADD GRUP) in 2012 had negative results, leading to a halt of Smart Meter installations in Lithuania.

ADD GRUP has been an active player in Baltic countries, starting with Estonia in 2007, then in Latvia in 2014 and a move to build its footprint in Lithuania was a natural decision.
The AMI solution comprised more than 3000 smart electricity meters, data concentrators, Head-End System.
Following communication technologies were used in this project:

  • PLC PRIME v.1.3.6 as main communication channel with all meters having PLC on-board
  • 3GPP (2G/3G) communication as back-up solution for specific field conditions

For ADD GRUP the project is important from its Research & Development aspect rather than commercial, as only the cost of meters has been covered by the project’s budget. ADD GRUP had to provide data concentrators, its Head-End Systems, auxiliary equipment and customize its AMI solution for the project on a free of charge bases.  Lithuanian company Tecnolines UAB, the Prime contractor in the project, has managed all the installation, operation and maintenance works.
Even if this was pilot project, the requirements were quite tough. Being confident in its ADDAX AMI technology, ADD GRUP accepted the conditions and proceeded in its usual manner by customizing the solution to customer needs, at the same time keeping the support for open protocols.

The following info illustrates KPI requirements and a snapshot of system performance:
– 97% of the data from 00:00 till 24:00 in the (N) day should be collected at 08:00 of (N+1) day;
– 99% of the data recorded by the smart meters from 00:00 till 24:00 in the (N) day should be collected at 24:00 of (N+2) day;
– 100% of the data recorded by the smart meters from 00:00 till 24:00 in the (N) day should be collected at 24:00 of (N+4) day;
The KPI is related to the following data types: 15 minutes, daily and billing profiles as well as power quality indicators, events and instantaneous values.

Acquisition statistics:
The statistics of meter reading

Detailed Data Collection:

The statistics of meter reading

By this we are again proving that ADDAX solution performs in line with toughest customer expectations.
ADD GRUP’s goal has been to provide reliable AMI communications, so that the CBA would not be influenced by issues related to AMI communications or any other system related issues. This way ESO would not worry about the AMI system performance, but instead focus on its main tasks of working with its customers, advertise the use of new, flexible tariff plans and deal with economic calculations only.
Based on the results of the CBA, Lithuanian DSO – ESO – will decide on the further large scale implementation of Smart Meters in Lithuania, which we hope shall be positive.

Info about JSC “Tecnolines”:
JSC “Tecnolines” is a young impetuous Lithuanian company and started its activity in 2013. Field of activity includes LV/MV/HV network. From the start Tecnolines performed overhead and cable lines construction works in Scandinavia and Baltic countries, outdoor and indoor lighting works in Lithuania. In the summer of 2016 company finished to install 3000 smart meters delivered by ADD GRUP for Lithuanian electricity distributor “ESO”. This pilot project is of great importance for the Lithuanian market and JSC “Tecnolines” takes a leading role of promoting  smart metering on this market.

About Mr. Tomas Astrauskas – Director of Tecnolines, holder of a master degree in electrical engineering. In 2004 he started his career in electrical engineering. Since then he has gained experience in low/middle voltage design and works supervision, low-voltage and high-voltage project management.  Mr. Astrauskas became director at JSC “Tecnolines” in2014.

Info about Elko: A company with more than 40 years of experience in installation works in power grid infrastructure. For more info:

About ADD GRUP:  A leading supplier of ADDAX AMI solutions (Smart Meters, Communication Infrastructure and related software, collectively known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure). For more info:
ADDAX IMS is a technologically advanced AMI platform that combines robustness with high interoperability with most popular communication technologies: PRIME, G3-PLC, 3GPP. Contractors appreciate its seamless connectivity with Home and Wide Area Networks (HAN and WAN) that gives flexibility during system deployment and operation. For details on ADDAX IMS please visit:  .

Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius AB was established January 1 2016 merging LESTO AB and a joint-stock company Lietuvos dujos. ESO is controlled by state-owned group of energy companies “Lietuvos Energija”, one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic States.

Main activities of ESO: electricity supply and distribution, natural gas distribution, guarantee supply of electricity and natural gas, introduction of electricity and gas, maintenance and development of electricity and gas distribution networks, security and reliability of energy distribution assurance. ESO serves 1.6 million customers throughout Lithuania. Company serviced area in square kilometers reaches 65.3 thousand. km². For more information visit

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