ADD Grup: How to set up efficient production without harming the environment

ADD Grup is cares about environment in its region. The environment includes air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, as well as humans and their interaction.

ADD Grup is well aware of the fact that the activities of the company can adversely affect the environment. It is no secret that among the production waste there are those that require more careful disposal. We are talking about solder residues, technical fluids and oil, as well as used batteries.

That is why the management of ADD Grup has developed and for many years strictly follows the principles of environmental safety, which go far beyond the minimum requirements established by the Moldavian legislation.

The company also understands that it is necessary to carry out modernization and technical development of the enterprise, ensuring the environmental safety of all production processes.

The company’s specialist responsible for the environment, together with the management, processes information on the significance of indicators in the field of quality and environmental protection, and also trains the company’s personnel in this area.

Respect for the environment resonates with the main development strategy of ADD Grup, which produces smart measuring equipment. The main task of our water and electric meters is to rationally use natural resources.

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Preservation of environment, reasonable handling of natural resources is our duty to the present and future generations!

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