ADD Energy launches production of smart meters based on ADDAX technology in Ukraine

ADD Energy and ADD GRUP concluded a license agreement for the production of single-phase meters based on ADDAX IMS technology.

The main goal of the agreement is to make cooperation in the Ukrainian market more competitive and reduce the final cost of the product. ADD Energy, as a local manufacturer, will be able to use a number of advantages and privileges that are not available for foreign companies, and, accordingly, the price for meters will be lower for Ukraine.
Smart meters are based on OFDM technology with support for PRIME v1.3.6, PRIME v1.4 and G3-PLC. They will be produced in Kiev under the brand of ADD Energy.
The launch of full-scale production is planned in March-April 2019.
ADD GRUP will provide technical and technological support, both at the start-up stage and in the future.

The cooperation of ADD GRUP and ADD Energy began in 2001, when the companies launched the first big project on 250000 smart meters. This project was the beginning of many years of productive work.
To date, more than 1 million of electricity consumers in Ukraine use smart systems of automated control, metering and management of electricity ADDAX IMS.

Currently, licensing agreements for the production of smart meters and other devices based on ADDAX IMS technology are owned by Matritca (Russia), IouTility (Brazil) and Maasara Company for Engineering Industries (Egypt).

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