Communication Equipment

Data concentrator unit is a network device which provides 2-way data transmission between end-point devices in electricity consumption network and the Center or another router/concentrator.

Data concentrator registers devices and forms routing tables which allows a proper data exchange within the network. Thereby, secured and robust delivery of address data is provided. These devices are used as main communication equipment of ADDAX metering system. The data concentrator supports both communication and application specific functions.

Data concentrators are designed on the basis of Universal Hardware Platform supporting OFDM based technologies: PRIME 1.3.6, PRIME 1.4, G3-PLC with frequency ranges CENELEC and FCC. Switch between technologies is done through firmware change locally or remotely. 

Coupling units provide connection of HF-communication equipment to overhead/underground cables power transmission lines with voltage up to 15 kV and frequency up to 60 Hz.

Data concentrator

  • Network device control
  • Time synchronization 
  • Data collection
  • Logging of DCU events
  • Support of repetition mechanism
  • Support of remote software upgrade for end devices
  • Data storage in nonvolatile memory
  • Provides secure data transmission
  • Support of functionality of router and concentrator
  • Support of static and dynamic IP addresses
  • Support of endpoint devices
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Data Concentrator Meter

  • Active energy, accuracy class 0,5S, export and import
  • Reactive energy, accuracy class 1
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Up to 6 tariff registers, up to 24 changeovers per day
  • Built-in basic relays (80/100A)
  • Up to 2 built-in extra relays (2 or 5A) for load control
  • Energy quality control & monitoring
  • Terminal box and meter case opening sensors
  • Strong external magnetic field sensor
  • Standard data model, open protocols
  • Universal Hardware Platform supporting OFDM based technologies: PRIME 1.3.6, PRIME 1.4, G3-PLC
  • USB, wM-BUS, RS-485 interfaces
  • Calculation of total harmonic distortion factor
  • High-level security
  • 2G/3G/4G support
  • Prepayment & credit operational modes
  • Backup power supply
  • IP 54 protection against water and dust
  • Automatic detection, registration and support of end-point devices within the network
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Communication Module for single phase and three phase meters

  • USB Interface
  • Multi-inferface support*
  • Power Load Control*
  • Additional Power Supply*
  • Non-flamable polycarbonate housing
  • * Optional, depending on CM model
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Communication Module for SLIM Type Meters

  • Direct communication upstream with the head-end system
  • Built-in protocol stack: TCP/IP, UDP/IP
  • SIM-card connector: MiniSIM, MicroSIM or NanoSIM
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible interfaces
  • Provides possibility to connect 3rd party USB device
  • 2G / 3G support
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