AMR vs AMI: New technologies in water metering and management

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are the two abbreviations most commonly used in smart metering. As often as they are used, they are sometimes confused. Discover the meanings behind these acronyms, including what the technologies are and how they are used within the water metering industry.

AMR is an older technology in which you can only read data from meters. As a rule, we are talking about a non-stationary communication infrastructure: drive by and walk by, when the controller bypasses the meters and reads data using special equipment.

AMI is a fixed infrastructure with which you can communicate with the meter. And this connection is usually two-way. Special communicators, at regular intervals, contact the water meter every 4-6 hours and receive data on water consumption. In addition, data can be requested from the meter («on demand request»)

ADD Grup, as a company that has been implementing AMI solutions in the energy smart metering market since 1998, uses this technology not only as an opportunity to contact the meter, but also as a way to send a command to turn it on/off.

Using the experience of production of electricity meters, our company has successfully implemented AMI technology in the production of water meters manufactured under the ADDRA trademark.

Conclusion: AMI is not only a system for accounting data, but also an advanced system for managing this resource. It allows you to remotely turn off a consumer for non-payment, automatically shut off water in case of leaks or breakthroughs, limit water consumption in case of exceeding the allowable flow limits.

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