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09 agosto 2018

ADDAX IMS as a progressive and effective solution for protecting consumers and utilities around the world

In the modern world due to opportunity to keep everything under control, new perspectives for favorable changes in the conduct of business open up. ADD GRUP helps to control the consumption of electricity, which allows you to analyze and improve the performance of utilities.

ADD GRUP is a company with more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative solutions in the field of smart metering.

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30 julio 2018

ADD GRUP, HERMAS and MAASARA for ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES launch the production of smart meters in Egypt

ADD GRUP together with UAE company HERMAS and Egyptian company Maasara Company for Engineering Industries launch the production of Smart Meters in Egypt. As part of the cooperation agreement between ADD GRUP and HERMAS, Smart and Prepaid meters will be manufactured at Maasara Company for Engineering Industries based on ADDAX technology developed by ADDGRUP.

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17 julio 2018

ADD GRUP smart meters now in Palestine

The Technical Company for Electrical Engineering (TCEE) in Palestine, has launched a pilot project in the village of Rummanah to introduce an intelligent split-system for electricity metering based on ADDAX technology.
Unauthorized connection and theft of electricity is a serious problem for Palestinian energy companies.

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09 julio 2018

ADD GRUP received PRIME certificate for single-phase meters AD11A series

ADD GRUP confirmed the status of one of the best manufacturers of smart meters, having received a PRIME certificate for single-phase meters of the AD11A series. The certificate was issued by the Spanish laboratory TECNALIA.
Single-phase meters AD11A series are a line of intelligent devices for measuring active and reactive energy used on the residential market.

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02 julio 2018

ADDAX – what’s beyond the technology

Every year, smart metering technologies are being improved and more innovative solutions are being implemented. Already today millions of homes around the world are equipped with an intelligent measuring system. Professionals are working on new developments, in order to simplify the lives of people.

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25 junio 2018

How does the life of people change with the installation of the ADDAX system?

Payment for public services takes a large part of the family budget. And of course, each of us wants to save as much as possible. There is an opinion that smart meters help to protect only electricity suppliers, but it is not. Meters of the new generation, developed on the basis of ADDAX IMS, help to save a lot of money for consumers.

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18 junio 2018

Destroy the myths about smart meters

With the advent of something new, there are always skeptics who will say that it is dangerous and bad. People are used to old electromechanical meters, so they are afraid and refuse to install smart meters. In this article, we will try to refute myths and conjectures about the danger of smart meters, for this we collected the most exciting questions and answer them.

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11 junio 2018

ADD GRUP Data Concentrator DC2S PRIME certified

Many years of experience in development of smart equipment and approvals from international laboratories make ADD GRUP partners confident of successful cooperation. This time, the approval of the Spanish laboratory Tecnalia was given to DC2S Data Concentrator that passed CENELEC EN50065 and PRIME v.

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28 mayo 2018

ADD Grup’s partner Iberdrola strengthens its positions in the territory of Qatar in the sphere of alternative energy

Early March of this year, the 'Iberdrola Innovation Center Middle East' was opened in Doha. This was a big step towards the development of alternative energy in the Gulf countries.

The 'Iberdrola Innovation Middle East' is a new technology center, through which the company develops innovative and consulting services in three key areas: the digitization of the energy system through intelligent networks, the system integration of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

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18 mayo 2018

Certification of ADDAX IMS meters in Turkey

Recognition and certification in the international market is an integral part of the work of ADD Grup. Once again, the company demonstrated the highest level in the development of intelligent meters and added a new achievement in the field of certification. Now, single-phase and three-phase ADDAX IMS meters have been certified in Turkey, where they passed all necessary checks in the Eldas laboratory.

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