On the 23rd of February 2022 Czech Metrology Institute has issued EU Type-Examination Certificate in accordance with Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU for ADDRA Ultrasonic Water Meter.

The meter types that obtained MID certificate are as follows:

  • DN15 with brass pipe 110 and 165 mm
  • DN20 with brass pipe 130 and 195 mm
  • DN25 with brass pipe 190 and 225 mm

The meters come with LoRaWAN and BLE  (Bluetooth Low Energy) Interfaces and can support WMBus and Sigfox.

It is important to mention that ADDRA Ultrasonic water meter is a part of smart of smart water metering solution that together with BLE water valve, also provided by ADD GRUP, enable not only remote meter reading, but water management too. Such functionality is absolutely necessary not only for prepayment purposes, where consumers can be disconnected from water supply for non-payment or provided with limited consumption volumes, but also for emergency situations, where water can be disconnected in case of burst or leakage.

The water metering infrastructure can be remotely operated via LoRaWAN, where ADDRA is already integrated with several LoRaWAN gateways, and ADD GRUP can either provide its own HES for meter reading and management, or can be seamlessly integrated into 3rd Party HES.

Besides remote management ADDRA water meter and valve have BLE interface that enables local connection via smart-phone app. Utility personnel can use this possibility to read meter values, change configuration or perform local connection/disconnection of the valve. Consumers can use the app to monitor water consumption or for prepayment based on STS standard, as well as payment control through ADDERRA Payment control solution (

ADD GRUP has 30 years experience in smart metering and telecommunication solutions. Until now we have delivered more than 7 million meters to 33 countries. We have invested all the knowledge , experience and skills obtained during these years to finally design and bring to the market a state-of-the art ADDRA water metering solution. It is already field proven on several pilots and we will be happy to share it with consumers and utilities worldwide.

We encourage you to learn more on our website or to contact us at

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