Case Study: AMI project in Poland

Energa Operator was the first utility in Poland that implemented a massive rollout (Stage One) of Smart Meters, thus confirming its position as a leading investor in Polish Distribution System. This deployment took place in 2012, when Energa Operator installed 109 thousand Smart Meters delivered by ADD GRUP as a first stage of rolling out Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

On 30th of October 2013 Energa Operator officially released final results of Stage One as a success story, where collection rate for 15 minute interval data was more than 99%, and overall system performance exceeded the expectations.

This case study describes main challenges for Stage One implementation and illustrates organizational efforts needed to make an AMI project successful. It is especially relevant for other Distribution System Operators in Poland, to help them manage the implementation of AMI into their grids from defining specifications to organizing technical dialogues, selection, managing the installation, commissioning and day-to-day operation of AMI system.
Further Reading: Case Study AMI project in Poland (PDF)
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