ADDAX – what’s beyond the technology

Every year, smart metering technologies are being improved and more innovative solutions are being implemented. Already today millions of homes around the world are equipped with an intelligent measuring system. Professionals are working on new developments, in order to simplify the lives of people. And in this article, we will not talk about the technical side of smart meters, we’ll tell you about what stands beyond the developments of ADD GRUP.


More than 25 years of productive work in the development of an intelligent energy measurement and management system, about 6 million ADDAX smart meters installed in 27 countries around the world, including EU countries, Russia, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Due to the great experience gained in different parts of the world, ADD GRUP can be proud of the quality and reliability of its smart meters, which were highly appreciated by our partners. In addition, we are a member of PRIME Alliance, G3-PLC Alliance, DLMS UA, Wi-SUN Alliance and STS Association. Recognition of the company in the international market obliges us to maintain the impeccable reputation that we earned through our professional work and obtained international certificates.


ADD GRUP employs about 400 people, it is a large and united team of highly qualified specialists, which constantly improves its knowledge and qualifications. The stability of the company in the international market and the loyal attitude of management allow employees to be confident in the future and work for many years. The team has many employees who are committed to the company for 15-20 years, which allows us to trust their professionalism and experience. Our specialists are people with higher education, among them there are candidates of physical and mathematical sciences, and those who studied abroad. The team aimed at the overall result makes us competitive and well-known in professional circles, and understanding of the fact that we are launching very complex projects motivates us to new accomplishments and stages of our professional development.


ADD GRUP works closely with customers throughout their work. We always adjust to the needs of the customer, and fully meet his wishes and requirements, we are ready for constructive criticism, and the development of joint projects. It’s no secret that in the sphere of communication solution reliability ADDAX system takes the leading position performing KPI by 98% or more. In this regard, very often our know-how become mandatory conditions for the technical requirements of many electrical networks. The company is open to its partners and customers and is pleased to provide an opportunity to personally familiarize themselves with the production process and ensure that we work in accordance with the most stringent standards in the field of quality assurance.

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