09 octubre 2019

ADD GRUP presenta los medidores de agua inteligentes ADDRA en EUW 2019

ADD GRUP presenta Smart Water Meter ADDRA en EUW 2019
Publicado el 09 octubre 2019

ADD GRUP te invita a visitar uno de los eventos más grandes del año en la Semana Europea de la Energía 2019, que se celebrará en París del 12 al 14 de noviembre.

El equipo ADD GRUP quiere presentar en la exposición un nuevo medidor inteligente de agua ADDRA, en base al cual la compañía ya ha desplegado una instalación piloto en la provincia de Segovia en el norte de España.

El medidor de agua inteligente ADDRA de ADD GRUP se basa en tecnología ultrasónica probada y control avanzado de fugas. El medidor mantiene su alta precisión durante toda la vida útil y permite la integración en los sistemas AMI como parte de una solución integral de agua, calor, gas y electricidad.

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19 septiembre 2019

ADD GRUP participará en EFIAQUA 2019 y presentará su sistema inteligente de medición del agua

Desde el 1 hasta el 3 de octubre en la exposición EFIAQUA 2019 de Valencia la compañía ADD GRUP presentará el nuevo sistema inteligente de medición del agua ADDRA, así como el sistema de irrigación ADDA.

El proyecto piloto de instalación de contadores inteligentes de agua ADDRA fue puesto en marcha en verano, en la ciudad española de Las Jarillas, provincia de Segovia, no lejos de Madrid. En presente el proyecto mostró buenos resultados y funcionamiento ininterrumpido del sistema. El contador inteligente de agua ADDRA de ADD GRUP se basa en una tecnología ultrasónica comprobada y en un control mejorado de fugas.

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21 septiembre 2017

ADD Grup invites you to the European Utility Week!

Dear visitors!

ADD Grup, the company with 25 years of experience in advanced metering solutions, welcomes you to our stand nr 1K11.

At the event you will learn how we design and manufacture benchmarking smart metering solutions that offer our clients ~98-100% KPI thus setting the highest possible AMI performance standards!

Moreover, we will familiarize you with our latest develepment in prepayment smart metering NFC technology a consumer and utility friendly solution that assures easy implemention of contactless STS prepayment, as well as is easily customizable to other ways of prepayment demanded by the customer.

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21 junio 2017

Innovations in standard smart metering solutions for KPI improvement

Standard solutions in smart metering are designed to assure vendor independence through interoperability.

If we talk about PRIME and G3-PLC, respective alliances include as members a lot of vendors, many of them even having the certificates for meters and data concentrators for compliance with respective technology.

In view of this does it mean that the performance in the field for all the meters and communication equipment will be equal? The answer is no, as even in highly standardized solutions there is a space for innovative mechanisms that seriously improve the system performance in order to achieve maximum KPIs.

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03 octubre 2016

ADD GRUP invites you to EUW 2016

It is a pleasure for us to announce that ADD GRUP following a long-lasting tradition shall again take part in European Utility Week, taking place this year in Barcelona between 15 to 17 November.
During the last two years we have seen so many things happening in EU smart metering environment as well as globally, where more and more utilities started to actively look for the right infrastructures to ensure its business has an effective and smooth transformation to meet new ever growing market, regulatory and consumer demands.
At the same time we have also noticed that a variety of technologies, platforms, ranging from dozens of proprietary solutions to standardized protocols started to be shaped through implementations and field experience and finally the leaders of technology clearly identified themselves being chosen by the most important players in energy market.

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09 septiembre 2015

ADD GRUP invites potential partners to EUW 2015

The topics of data security and consumer privacy have gained momentum recently. These topics gained the attention of electricity DSOs that use AMI solutions to manage their distribution systems or are looking for such AMI solutions.

European Utility Week

ADD GRUP committed itself to upgrade the security of its ADDAX AMI solution so as to better protect its clients’ sensitive information. As a result, ADD GRUP partnered with Thales eSecurity, a global leader in developing data encryption and cyber security solutions for defense industry, banking sector and others.

We transferred Thales eSecurity’s extensive experience with bank transactions, defense, encryption of secret government information to the realm of smart metering.

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23 septiembre 2014

Meet us at European Utility Week ‘2014

Nowadays in the ever changing environment on the European energy market ADD GRUP’s solution stands out in comparison to many. With great experience in implementing AMI projects amongst European countries we’ve honed our skills and enhanced our technology to bring this year a future-proof solution that will set a new standard for smart meters in general.

This solution is the ADDAX Meter with PRIME, G3-PLC, S-FSK technology on a single platform, accompanied by two USB interfaces for HAN/WAN connectivity and even more benefits and possibilities than ever before! 

Don’t miss your chance to meet our team at ADD GRUP stand (Hall 1, Booth number 1.

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23 octubre 2013

ADD GRUP showcased Universal Hardware Platform and Loss Reduction Solution at European Utility Week 2013

ADD GRUP participated at European Utility Week 2013, which took place in Amsterdam RAI Convention Center between 15 and 17 of October. For ADD GRUP, EUW2013 represented a good opportunity to showcase its latest innovations, meet with our current and prospective partners and explore the requirements of new markets.
ADD GRUP showcased the universal hardware platform and the MID approved Pole Mounted Meter. Both solutions were installed and operated at our stand. The universal platform can embed different functionality, enables the meter to use different PLC technologies and remotely switch of modulation without any changes in the hardware.

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06 abril 2013

Meet us at Metering, Billing/CRM Asia 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are pleased to invite you to Metering, Billing/CRM Asia 2013, an event that promises to unite over 300 leading industry professionals and to be an excellent networking opportunity.
Analysis of electricity market of several countries of South East Asia shows that economic loss is, in most cases, a result of the following three issues:
• Electricity theft
• Electricity supply deficit
• Problems in collecting payments
At this event we would like to share with you our vision on how these issues can be solved through implementation of ADDAX IMS.
Our main solution for the region is Pole-mounted meter – a pro-active tool against electricity theft that incorporates in it high accuracy electricity metering, STS prepayment, load management, power quality control and other features essential to protect utility from losses.

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05 abril 2013

ADD GRUP participates at African Utility Week 2013

Over the last 13 years African Utility Week has attracted thousands of industry professionals from over 50 countries. In 2013 over 4000 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors are expected to attend the event.
As the industry has changed and evolved, African Utility Week has responded to market forces and customer demands. It has furnished manufacturers and service providers with the finest marketplace for their products and services. It has also provided industry professionals with direct access to everything that will enhance and grow their business by bringing together governments, industry regulators, vendors, utilities and large industrial end users to discuss the future of the industry.

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